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Optimus Prime and volcano area coming to Fortnite reveal leakers

Optimus Prime and volcano area coming to Fortnite reveal leakers
The tropical theme seems to be confirmed (pic: Epic Games)

A new Fortnite leak claims Optimus Prime is arriving in the game, just in time for the new Transformers : Rise Of The Beasts movie. 

Despite Fortnite’s numerous collaborations with popular franchises, such as the ongoing event featuring Marvel’s Spider-Man , the Transformers have surprisingly remained absent from the game. 

However, this is about to change with a leaked loading screen unveiling the inclusion of the iconic Autobot leader, Optimus Prime, into Fortnite. 

Optimus Prime’s skin is expected to drop as soon as Chapter 4 Season 3 kicks off on Friday, June 9, but that’s not the only surprise in store. 

The same image appears to confirm the tropical theme of the upcoming season – just like we predicted – with Optimus Prime positioned for action within a rainforest-like environment. 

The confirmation of the news came from reputable leaker ShiinaBR, with Hypex also sharing an image of a volcanic eruption as well as several other intriguing details.


According to Hypex’s claims, the upcoming season will introduce a racing mode with speed-related elements, cosmetic items, garages, and a brand-new supercar as the default vehicle.  

They also revealed Fortnite players can expect 14 days of summer events, codenamed as ‘propping’ and ‘mural’, though we’re not sure what that means.  

Moreover, hostile non-playable characters known as Goons will drive armoured cars around the map, adding a new dynamic to the battle royale experience. 

The game will introduce a new mythic weapon known as the Drum Shotgun, although its precise abilities and features have yet to be disclosed. 

In terms of weapons, the Level Action and Infantry rifles are set to make a comeback in the game after being temporarily removed in previous seasons. 

Currently, there is no indication of any other characters from the Transformers franchise joining Fortnite but if driving cars is a big part of it the new season it would make sense to add more – even if Transformers with beast modes are the main gimmick of the movie.

SEASON 3 LEAKS SO FAR ‼️ – Fortnite x Transformers Collab with an Optimus Prime skin. – A Summer Meowscles skin, and a Mechanic skin. – Rideable Raptors that now get exhausted. – Tropical Biome and with most likely a Desert area, and a volcanic area, as it’s been leaked multiple… — HYPEX (@HYPEX) May 28, 2023

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