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PS5 showcase left out multiple games claim insiders as calls for second event mount

PS5 showcase left out multiple games claim insiders as calls for second event mount
Is Sony holding back on its actual line-up? (pic: PlayStation)

Sony apparently has more games ready to show off and is simply choosing not to, according to a pair of reliable insiders.

We’ve made it no secret that we found this week’s PlayStation showcase to be thoroughly underwhelming, even if it did have a couple of big reveals like Spider-Man 2 gameplay and the Metal Gear Solid 3 remake .

We’re certainly not the only ones disappointed with what was on offer, but PlayStation boss Jim Ryan seems undeservedly confident in Sony’s new line-up of multiple online shooters and non-exclusives, calling it the ‘best and most varied catalogue of games possible.’

It’s since been claimed by a pair of reliable insiders that Sony actually had quite a few big announcements it could’ve made during the showcase… it just chose not to mention them.

Insider The Snitch, in a rare case of transparency, said on their Discord channel that they know of some announcements and that their absence is ‘super, super weird.’

They don’t go so far as to hint what they could be, but the implication is that they’re big ones. One was even for another AAA PC port that The Snitch claims is due in July.

The Snitch has proven multiple times to be a reliable source, so if such a port is coming in just two months, it is very strange that Sony wouldn’t mention it in its big summer showcase.

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Insider Gaming’s Tom Henderson has made similar claims, adding that he’s already seen some trailers and fully expected them to make an appearance at the showcase.

‘It’s understood that a lot of the games we’re waiting on seeing are pretty much ready, so I’m not sure why Sony decided to wait this time around,’ he says.

He suggests that Sony will need to have another, second showcase for all the stuff it left out (and to placate disgruntled fans) but this seems to be his own speculation and not as a result of any insider knowledge.

Again, he doesn’t name any, but some obvious absences include the multiplayer spin-offs for The Last Of Us and Horizon Forbidden West . Given Sony’s emphasis on online multiplayer games this showcase, you’d think at least one of those would have been mentioned.

He also reiterates Sony’s plans to launch a disc drive attachment and new PlayStation 5 model this September, which wasn’t acknowledged during the showcase either.

Assuming this is all accurate – and Henderson’s predictions about Project Q certainly were – this leaves a few potential avenues for Sony.

The first is that it’s saving a few announcements for Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest. It did announce The Last Of Us’ PlayStation 5 remake and multiplayer game there last year, but likely only because they didn’t have a major showcase of their own in 2022.

The second is that it’ll hold another PlayStation 5 showcase down the line. Or perhaps it’ll just drop some announcements on its own, independent of any such showcase.

If this is the case, it only makes the recent showcase even worse, if Sony deliberately withheld bigger reveals. It also runs the risk of making it look like damage control and that Sony’s only making further announcements because of the public reception to the showcase or whatever Xbox may reveal at their event in June.

All in all, it’s not a good look for Sony and only makes Microsoft’s goal of outshining it with its own Xbox showcase much easier.

The Last Of Us multiplayer spin-off was first talked about at last year’s Summer Game Fest, so could Sony be saving it for this year’s event? (pic: Sony)

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