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Zelda players go wild with Ultrahand creations in Tears Of The Kingdom

Zelda players go wild with Ultrahand creations in Tears Of The Kingdom
You’ve never seen anything like this before (pic: TikTok/@soulbanana0)

Link’s new Ultrahand ability in Zelda : Tears Of The Kingdom has birthed an array of creations, ranging from good to bad and downright bizarre. 

Zelda games are known for granting players lots of freedom, but that was taken to the extreme by the introduction of a sprawling open world in Breath Of The Wild . 

It comes as no surprise that the addition of new abilities in Tears Of The Kingdom – notably Ultrahand, which enables Link to pick up, move, and even fuse objects together – has sparked a wave of new in-game creations. 

While some of these inventions, like skateboards , are simple and practical, others are much more complicated and unexpected.

In one remarkable feat, a Zelda player has managed to create a fully controllable mecha for Link, that can unleash fiery projectiles. 

Inspired by the Gundam series, their replication of the robots’ abilities and mobility is truly impressive.

@expressodepresso0101 Replying to @Canisdraconis69 youre welcome #fyp #fypシ #totk #zelda ♬ Danger Zone (From “Top Gun” Original Soundtrack) – Kenny Loggins

Another inventive player created a completely operational lorry, which Link can drive around, as well as transport objects and creatures. 

In a video they posted on Twitter, Link is seen enjoying a short drive with a couple of Koroks in the back. 

The Legend of Zelda: Trucker of the Kingdom #TEARSOFTHEKINGDOM #Zelda
— Schlobster #BringBackGoldenSun (@Schlobster_) May 14, 2023

A fighter aircraft was also amongst the unconventional Zelda creations, equipped with four Zonai fan devices, for that extra boost in power. 

@expressodepresso0101 Replying to @Canisdraconis69 youre welcome #fyp #fypシ #totk #zelda ♬ Danger Zone (From “Top Gun” Original Soundtrack) – Kenny Loggins

Continuing the theme of war machines, another player created a variety of destructive vehicles, ranging from a small tank to an aerial bomber. 

@superpixel_games You can build wHat?! #zelda #tearsofthekingdom #zeldatok #zeldatotk ♬ original sound – SUPERPIXEL | Game Stories

You can even whip up a helicopter in the game, complete with spinning rotor blades. And if you want to unleash total havoc, borrow a page from this player’s playbook and stick a couple of cannons on the front.

I love the smell of Zonaite in the morning by u/SkysOutThighsOut in tearsofthekingdom

If you’re a Star Wars fan, you’ll be happy to know you can make your very own speeder bikes in Tears Of The Kingdom, which come in extremely handy for getting around quickly.

@berserkerkaji The Hover Bike Mk.ll #thelegendofzeldatearsofthekingdom #tloztearsofthekingdom #tearsofthekingdom #zeldabotw #fyp #foryoupage #zonai #totk #zeldatotk always shares this Contents with License.

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