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Zelda: Is Kass from Breath Of The Wild in Tears Of The Kingdom? 

Zelda: Is Kass from Breath Of The Wild in Tears Of The Kingdom? 
Link and Kass in Breath Of The Wild (pic: YouTube/BeardBear)

Although Zelda : Tears Of The Kingdom has several references to Kass from Breath Of The Wild, finding him in the game is proving difficult.

Kass is a member of the Rito tribe, a bird-like race in Breath Of The Wild , who is recognisable by his distinctive accordion and feathery appearance. 

Being a traveling minstrel, he shares songs and tales that frequently hold clues and hints related to shrines, quests, and the story of the game – making him an invaluable character to engage with during your journey. 

Much to the disappointment of numerous Zelda fans, Kass appears to be absent in Tears Of The Kingdom , despite the presence of his wife and children, who can be found residing in Rito Village. 

Strangely, Kass’s absence seems to go unnoticed by his family, with only a single reference to their ‘dad’ in his children’s dialogue. 

At the end of a spoiler-filled sidequest, Kass is mentioned once more by a fellow Rito member, albeit without using his name; instead, he is simply acknowledged as a renowned bard. 

Another smaller clue regarding Kass’ appearance in Tears Of The Kingdom is that when Link is cooking, he often hums the melody of his theme, along with other classic Zelda tunes. 

WHERES KASS #TearsOfTheKingdom #Zelda #NintendoSwitch
— Kami (@ReKamiP) May 15, 2023

Link keeps a photo, given to him by Kass at the end of Breath Of The Wild’s DLC, proudly hung in his house – he clearly hasn’t forgotten about him. 

This begs the question: What could have possibly happened to Kass and where is he in Tears Of The Kingdom? 

So far, nobody knows. Considering the vast open world of the game, it’s possible that the travelling bard is somewhere in Hyrule, and just hasn’t been found yet. 

Fans have also entertained the possibility that Nintendo might be saving Kass’ appearance for upcoming DLC. 

While no such content has been officially announced yet, given Tears Of The Kingdom’s huge commercial success and Nintendo accidentally leaking some very sensitive information, there’s a good chance a DLC will arrive sooner or later.

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