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Resident Evil 4 remake: all treasure locations at the Village

Resident Evil 4 remake: all treasure locations at the Village
Keep your eyes peeled for hidden treasures (pic: Capcom)

There are numerous treasures to collect in the Resident Evil 4 remake but it can be easy to miss them if you don’t know where to look.

If you have the patience to explore every corner of Resident Evil 4 remake , you’ll be handsomely rewarded with some rare discoveries. 

Whether you stumble upon precious jewels or rare trinkets, each of these treasures can be exchanged for pesetas with the Merchant, and some can even be combined to boost their worth. 

Exploring the three Ganados-infested areas in the game, it’s easy to miss some of the most valuable ones, so to kick off your treasure hunt let’s begin by uncovering all the valuable loot spots in the Village, the first area you’ll encounter, that lasts up until Chapter 6.

All Village treasure locations in the Resident Evil 4 remake

Pearl Pendant (x2)  

On the left side of the Farm, shoot the silver lantern hanging off the windmill to get the first Pearl Pendant. Try to shoot it when it’s not above the well to avoid the pendant getting dirty, as you’ll be able to sell it for more money later. 

The second Pearl Pendant is located on the path between the Abandoned Factory and the Village Chief’s Manor. After walking through the gate with the Hexagonal Emblem, head up the stairs and you’ll find an area with a small shack and a well. The treasure awaits you in a silver lantern hanging over the well but be careful not to drop it into the water. 


After climbing up the windmill, leap off the balcony located on the side of the structure to access the area behind the wooden fence below. Proceed to the end of the fence to locate a treasure chest with the Flagon. 

Elegant Mask  

The drawer containing the Elegant Mask is hidden inside the Abandoned Factory, in the same room where Leon retrieves his confiscated inventory. To access the drawer you need a Small Key which can be obtained from the Valley area. This would be the same location where you found the Hexagonal Emblem to open the gate near the Merchant. 

Leon S. Kennedy is back and more HD than ever (pic: Capcom)

Vintage Compass  

This treasure can be found in the house located in the Village Square, situated between the locked barn and the large house where you obtained the W-870 shotgun. The treasure is secured inside a drawer, meaning you need a Small Key to unlock it. 

Elegant Headress (x2)  

Once you pass through the graveyard, you will arrive at the Church, where the first Elegant Headdress is located. Outside the Church, continue along the path on the right-hand side until you reach the end, where a treasure chest and request letter can be found. 

To obtain the second Elegant Headdress, you must unlock the Wayshrine located in the Checkpoint area. It’s best to open the Wayshrine before attempting to retrieve the wheel-crank situated in the main building of the area. Once you take the wheel-crank, you will be confronted by a horde of enemies, including two individuals wielding chainsaws. 

Antique Pipe  

Located in the flooded area on the right-hand side of the Fish Farm, there is a silver lantern that contains the first Antique Pipe. You can retrieve it by shooting down the lantern. 

Brass Pocket Watch  

To obtain the Brass Pocket Watch, use a Small Key to unlock the drawer in the Merchant’s dock-side compound. Once you reach this area, climb down the ladder to access the docks, and the locked drawer will be situated to your right. 

Ashley will help you recover some of well-hidden treasures (pic: Capcom)

Splendid Bangle  

The treasure is located in the Wayshrine beneath the cliffside path linking the Church to the Quarry. Wayshrines can only be accessed with the Old Wayshrine Key, which is obtainable from the chest near the Mural Cave dock. After obtaining the key, you can board a boat and navigate through the tunnel west of the Large Cave Shrine Dock. 

Red9 handgun  

The Red9 Handgun is classified as a treasure, and it’s located on the boat situated in the middle of the lake. Once you’re on the boat, make your way to the front and open the elaborately decorated blue and gold chest to acquire the weapon. 

Pearl Bangle  

To find the Pearl Bangle hop on a boat and travel to the Lakeside Settlement dock. The treasure will be locked in the Wayshrine, which sits just past the building where you rescued Luis. 

Gold Bar  

The Gold Bar is situated in the main building of the Lakeside Settlement, within a locked drawer located in the living room. To access it, you will require a Small Key. 

It’s worth noting that this is the same building where you encountered Luis during Chapter 1. 

Things blow up real good (pic: Capcom)

Red Gemstone Ring  

The Red Gemstone Ring can be found at the exact location where you encountered Luis during Chapter 1. To go there, travel to the Lakeside Settlement dock by boat, and proceed to the main building in the vicinity. 

Just head through the building and go down to the basement. You’ll spot the Red Gemstone Ring on a box located behind where you first found Luis. 

Depraved Idol  

To obtain the Depraved Idol treasure, you need to solve the hexagonal puzzle on the Stone Pedestal where you fueled the boat. Here’s how you can solve this puzzle , as well as all other puzzles in the Resident Evil 4 remake. 

Butterfly Lamp  

The Butterfly Lamp is in the locked Wayshrine located between the Quarry and the Merchant’s dock-side compound. 

Elegant Bangle  

To get this treasure, go to the Village Square’s locked barn that was previously inaccessible. Now that Ashley is with you, have her climb through the window and she will unlock the front door for you. Inside, you’ll find an ornate chest with the Elegant Bangle. 

Be careful of sneaky Ganados lurking in the dark (pic: Capcom)

Antique Camera  

To find the Antique Camera treasure, you need to go to the Village Chief’s Manor and head up to the bedroom on the second floor where you found the Insignia Key.  

You’ll require Ashley’s help to climb up the hidden collapsible ladder that leads to the attic. Once she’s up, she’ll lower the ladder and you can follow her up. Crouch through the small passage you’ll see and explore the area. You’ll find the treasure on the dresser to your right. 

Chalice of Atonement  

Once you clear the valley of Ganados, move forward and pass through the gate. You’ll come across a narrow wooden walkway leading to a big bonfire. Head towards the building on the left but be cautious of any lurking monsters. After you kill them off, you can grab the Chalice of Atonement from the big chest inside. 

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You’ll also come across several jewels and precious stones scattered throughout the Village, so keep your eyes peeled. Here are the different types in this area and how many you can expect to find:

Alexandrite (x2) 

Emerald (x1) 

Ruby (x6) 

Sapphire (x3) 

Velvet Blue (x4) 

Yellow Diamond (x3) 

You can also buy most of these off the Merchant so don’t stress too much if you’re not able to spot them on your first playthrough. 

The jewels can be inserted into other treasures to make them more valuable, so it’s rarely worthwhile selling them on their own.

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