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Resident Evil 4 remake: how to unlock the Minimalist trophy

Resident Evil 4 remake: how to unlock the Minimalist trophy
Leon’s weapon of choice is, in fact, a handgun (pic: Capcom)

The only way to unlock the Resident Evil 4 remake Minimalist trophy is by beating the campaign using solely handguns and knives. 

Like any other game, the Resident Evil 4 remake includes a number of trophies and achievements that can be unlocked by playing through the campaign. 

While some of these challenges may be relatively easy, such as the Knife Basics trophy, which only requires you to parry an enemy with a knife, they tend to become more difficult as you progress further in the game. 

As obtaining the Minimalist trophy can be a daunting task, here are some helpful tips and tricks to overcome the game’s horrors using only the most basic weapons.

The Resident Evil 4 remake encompasses four difficulty settings, with Assisted being the easiest. The game also has a New Game+ mode which becomes available after you complete your first run.  

If you choose to start a New Game+ run on the Assisted difficulty, you can carry over your maxed-out handguns and knives, reducing your reliance on other weapons. 

In addition, to avoid ending your Minimalist run prematurely, you should store away all weapons except handguns and knives. This way, your case will be filled only with the two weapons necessary, allowing no room for errors. 

Having pistols with infinite ammo in your inventory is another smart tactic to improve your odds of obtaining the Minimalist trophy. 

Knives can cause significant harm to monsters (pic: Capcom)

While some weapons, such as the Chicago Sweeper sub-machinegun, receive infinite ammo when fully upgraded, none of the pistols have this feature. 

For that, you must complete the Leon S. Kennedy challenge, which requires you to beat the campaign with an S+ rank. 

Upon completing the challenge, you will unlock the Cat Ears apparel, an accessory that provides infinite magazines to all handguns. 

To obtain the Minimalist achievement a reliable knife is also crucial, and the Primal knife serves that purpose. 

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When limited to handguns and knives, a fully-upgraded Primal knife can be invaluable as it’s unbreakable, enabling you to get more melee kills than usual. 

The Deer Antlers Apparel will also give you a cutting-edge advantage when paired with the trusty Primal as it sharpens its blade automatically. 

Accessorising your attaché case with some charms that boost ammo drops and crafting materials for handguns is also essential, as you’re going to need all the firepower you can get. 

These charms are the perfect fit for this purpose: Handgun Ammo, Leon With Handgun, Don Jose, and Soldier With Hammer. 

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