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Lego Legend Of Zelda set leak is a 2-in-1 Deku Tree with Link minifigures

Lego Legend Of Zelda set leak is a 2-in-1 Deku Tree with Link minifigures
This is just a fan design – the leaked one looks a lot better (pic: Lego)

Leaked images have emerged of a new Lego set that can be rebuilt as the Deku Tree from either Ocarina Of Time or Breath Of The Wild.

Nintendo and Lego have been collaborating on Mario themed sets for three years now and while they seem to have been a great success, since they keep making new ones, there’s never been anything that isn’t directly related to Mario.

The closest they’ve got is a sub-series for Luigi’s Mansion and an amazing brick-built NES but there’s certainly never been any sets based on other franchises such as Animal Crossing , Metroid, or The Legend Of Zelda.

Fans have been pitching ideas for Zelda sets forever, via the Lego Ideas concept where Lego makes real sets out of fan designs, but they’ve always been rejected because of a ‘licence conflict’ , but now it seems as if Lego might have changed its mind.

Most of the fan pitches for a Zelda set revolve around recreations of the Temple of Time or Hyrule Castle but the Great Deku Tree is another popular subject, as he’s appeared in many of the most popular Zelda titles.

That seems to be the reason that Lego has selected it as a potential new set, with a fan reporting that they were sent a marketing survey to gauge their interest in a number of forthcoming Lego sets, including a Deku Tree one.

An image was included, but we can’t show it here for legal reasons (the one above is just a random one from the Lego Ideas website ) but according to posts on the Eurobricks forum the survey was trying to judge interest in the concept and get an indication of how much money people would be willing to pay for it.

The Great Deku Tree in Breath Of The Wild (pic: Zelda Wiki)

The survey is supposedly something that Lego has done before, but this is the first time that they’ve given any indication that they’re interesting in making a Zelda set – or indeed that they have the licence from Nintendo to do so.

However, even assuming the rumour is true, it still might not get chosen to become a real product and the final design may well change from the one that’s leaked. At the moment though it’s described as a 2-in-1 design that can either be built to resemble the Deku Tree as it appeared in Ocarina Of Time or Breath Of The Wild.

As such, there are minifigures for an Ocarina Of Time child version of Link and a version of Link and Zelda as they are in Breath Of The Wild.

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This would be the first time any Nintendo character was made as a Lego minifigure, as all the ones for Super Mario are either brick-built or the special Bluetooth electronic figures – of Mario, Luigi, and Peach – used to interact with the sets.

Lego is just as secretive as Nintendo, which is probably why the two companies get on so well, so even if it’s real they’re unlikely to reveal anything of the set until they’re good and ready – which may not necessarily be this year.

The Deku Tree as he appeared in artwork for Ocarina Of Time (pic: Nintendo)

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Read the full Article: Lego Legend Of Zelda set leak is a 2-in-1 Deku Tree with Link minifigures

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