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Apex Legends player breaks world record with 37 kills in one game

Apex Legends player breaks world record with 37 kills in one game
They played as Horizon (pic: EA)

There’s a new Apex Legends world champion, who’s managed to get more kills in one game than anyone else before them.

Typically, Apex Legends battle royale matches consist of 20 three-person squads fighting each other for the top spot, meaning there are 60 players in total.  

As such, getting more than five kills in a single game is difficult for most players, let alone eliminating more than half of the enemy squads. 

The game rewards you with a special 20-kill badge if you ever manage to get that many in one game, but it looks like developers will need to release a new one given the latest record.

A talented player called Lymo managed to beat the previous Solo vs Squads kill record with 37 eliminations in one battle royale match. 

Lymo also did almost 8,500 in damage, which is very impressive as well – given that over 2,000 is a good amount for the average player.  

What makes Lymo’s achievement even more impressive is that they queued for a Trios match by themselves, meaning they didn’t have any teammates to help them with the kills. 

New World Record For Solo V Squads in Apex? @PlayApex — Lymo (@LymoAUz) November 27, 2022

They played as Horizon, who has become quite an overpowered character lately, especially due to her passive ability making her footsteps almost undetectable. 

Lymo started stacking up kills as soon as they landed on Terraformer, which is quite a hot spot on Apex Legends’ new map Broken Moon. 

The player managed to get 15 kills in the first five minutes of playing, maxing out Horizon’s armour in the process.  

The main weapons Lymo used were the Car SMG, Mastiff, and R-301 Carbine, if you’re looking to try and replicate their insane results. 

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The previous record was held by Swedish YouTuber Mendokusaii, with 36 kills in a single match, and was set only two weeks after the release of Apex Legends in 2019. 

The YouTuber had help from his teammates at the start of the game, which led many players to discredit his achievement. 

Lymo’s gameplay video has amassed over 177,000 views since they posted it on YouTube, but their identity still remains a secret. 

Many viewers encouraged Lymo to start streaming Apex Legends on Twitch after noticing that they broke the world record. 

This isn’t a bad idea for Lymo, seeing that even top Apex Legends streamers haven’t managed to accumulate that many kills in one game over the years.

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