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League Of Legends’ new chat profanity filter warns players for ‘woofing’

League Of Legends’ new chat profanity filter warns players for ‘woofing’
Be careful what you type from now on (Picture: Riot Games)

Riot Games has rolled out a new system in League Of Legends that punishes ‘vulgarity and profanity’ in the game’s chat.  

Swearing and raging are pretty common in multiplayer games, particularly in League Of Legends, where the community is well-known for its toxicity. 

Not too long ago, Riot Games even ended up preventing players from chatting to each other in the game, unless they’re on the same team, banning the /all chat option . 

Now, it seems that developers are taking a step further to prevent toxicity, by coming up with a new punishment system that won’t allow players to swear under any circumstances. 

The feature is designed to ‘look for and punish’ swearing on top of what was already being flagged, ahead of the latest upgrade.  

To encourage players to be more mindful of their online behaviour, any cursing will be punished, even when it’s done in a self-deprecating, neutral or even humorous manner. 

Riot support have confirmed – there is a new Chat Punishment system You may not swear in any way regardless of the context – or you WILL be punished — HappyChimeNoises (@HappyChimeNoise) November 18, 2022

‘This is intended and the penalty is there to act as a warning for you to be more mindful of how you behave from now on. The warning may not be disputed – we’re only here to explain it, not remove it,’ a member of Riot’s player support staff explained. 

Lately, Riot has been focusing more and more on reducing toxicity within its online community. Only a few weeks ago, the company revealed a partnership with Ubisoft on a research project called ‘Zero Harm in Comms,’ for this exact reason. 

Although some players seem to value Riot’s efforts to reduce in-chat profanity, others claim that they’ve received warnings for no apparent reason. 

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Two players said that they were flagged for typing ‘who let the dogs out’, ‘woof’ and ‘bark’ when playing wolf-like monster Warwick in a League Of Legends game. 

I was playing Warwick too lmao😭😭 — Xen 😮‍💨 225/180 (@WobIefan) November 20, 2022

A different player shared a screenshot of a warning regarding the sentence ‘who’re you’ with another commenting that there’s ‘no way’ this is ‘real’. 

waaait is this real ? no way right — Peridot Ivern (@peridot_ivern) November 19, 2022

Others also claimed that they received game chat restrictions which resulted in their honour level dropping as well as losing access to free rewards – though the problematic chat logs weren’t shown to them. 

— rk (@SSJGohan2000YT) November 19, 2022

So far, it seems like Riot will go ahead with censoring all kinds of vulgarity and profanity, though players demand that the company refines its methods. 

If you wish to steer clear of any bans, you better not start woofing in your League Of Legends chat any time soon.

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