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Shroud and Dr Disrespect already hate Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0 DMZ mode

Shroud and Dr Disrespect already hate Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0 DMZ mode
You can’t always please everyone (pic:

The new extraction mode of Warzone 2.0 has split Twitch streamers in half, with many running to social media to express their disdain for it.  

The latest addition to the Call Of Duty franchise, Warzone 2.0, will officially launch in under a week, on Wednesday, November 17. 

Season 1 of Modern Warfare 2 will also go live on the same day, adding a revamped battle pass to the game, that you can also progress through it by playing Warzone 2.0. 

To hype fans up, Activision invited a bunch of streamers to playtest one of the battle royale’s new modes, an extraction mode called DMZ – though, so far, it hasn’t had the effect the company was hoping for.

One of the first people to bash the DMZ mode was no other but Dr Disrespect, even though he never had the chance to play the game. 

In fact, he wasn’t even invited to the promo event, which comes as no surprise, as he’s been shunned by Activision for some time now.  

In one of his recent streams, the Doc was watching DrLupo play the DMZ mod and, as always, he was quick to jump on the hate train.  

‘Too much AI [artificial intelligence], just like unnecessary shots and fights. I know they want to keep you engaged, they want to make sure your senses are heightened,’ the Doc said. 

On the other hand, Pestily wished there were more AI in the game, so it’s clear there’s no agreement

DMZ has some cool aspects to it. Stuff like the drilling for a mission like in Payday 2. I wish the AI was a little harder though. They aren’t even slightly threatening — Pestily (@Pestily) November 9, 2022

The Doc later also implied that people will quickly get bored of the mode as he questioned how ‘deep’ it goes.  

‘Does it get to a point where they might be doing the same stuff over and over after a while? Or are there very unique missions and objectives even after so many hours played of this mode?’ he said.  

It seems like Dr Disrespect will have to wait for the game to officially launch in a few days if he wants to have his questions answered. 

Unlike the Doc, top streamer Shroud did get the chance to playtest the DMZ mode during the Los Angeles event, but he was also left unimpressed. 

After hearing about the comparison between the DMZ mode and Escape From Tarkov, he said that the first ‘is not even close’ to the second. 

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‘You can’t even say it’s Tarkov but casual. It’s not even in the same realm,’ Shroud added later. 

Towards the end of one of his matches, he seemed to enjoy certain parts of the game, particularly when his team were the first inside a helicopter and had to defend it for 20 seconds before it took off. 

‘The best part was leaving, getting out of the game. How you move on the heli, that was cool,’ he said. 

YouTuber Wildcat was not super impressed with the DMZ mode either, saying there’s not much of an incentive to keep playing it. However, he suggested that it could be fixed with ‘the simplest concept.’ 

DMZ could be fixed with the simplest concept. It wouldn’t be perfect but instantly light years better than current. Let your money carry over into a marketplace and let you buy exclusive DMZ only camos that are crazy expensive and absolutely FIRE. Would make it fun to grind — Tyler (@I_AM_WILDCAT) November 9, 2022

IceManIsaac even went a step further to suggest that the launch of the DMZ mode should be ‘delayed until it’s ready,’ and that right now the game feels ‘pointless.’ 

He also mentioned the absence of a marketplace and an in-game economy, sharing Wildcat’s opinion, and added that it looks like Plunder with AI and extractions. 

I think DMZ should be delayed. Let Warzone 2.0 go crazy on Nov 16th and keep working on DMZ until it’s ready. — GUARD Isaac (@IceManIsaac) November 10, 2022

Right now the game feels pointless. We’re looting all game just to extract some XP? No stash, no quest lines, no marketplace, no in-game economy? Am I missing something? I was super excited for this game mode, but it just looks like plunder with AI and extractions 😔 — GUARD Isaac (@IceManIsaac) November 10, 2022

TimTheTatman remained laconic in his criticism, simply tweeting that DMZ was ‘meh’ but Warzone 2.0 ‘was solid.’

So, it appears that not everyone hates the new mode in equal measure.

dmz looked kinda meh😞 warzone 2 looked solid and I’m excited for next week😁 3rd person warzone 2 tho looked litttttt🔥 — timthetatman👑 (@timthetatman) November 10, 2022

Seeing that there are still a few days until Warzone 2.0’s launch, it’s possible that the developers could implement some bug and glitch fixes, but it’s probably too late to change anything substantial.

According to certain streamers’ though, that may be exactly what’s needed.

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Read the full Article: Shroud and Dr Disrespect already hate Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0 DMZ mode

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