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Modern Warfare 2 campaign is a ‘war crime simulator’ says HasanAbi

Modern Warfare 2 campaign is a ‘war crime simulator’ says HasanAbi
There were some intense moments in MW2’s campaign (pic:

Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 2’s campaign mode went live a few days ago and Twitch streamer HasanAbi wasn’t impressed.

Although Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 isn’t officially out until this Friday, if you pre-ordered the game you can already play the single-player campaign.

The campaign’s storyline once again follows Task Force 141, a special forces group trying to track down a Middle Eastern terrorist group inspired by the real-life Al-Qaeda.

HasanAbi usually promotes anti-war and anti-imperialism views on his streams but he seemed to think Modern Warfare 2’s campaign was funny, as he jokingly called the game a ‘war crime simulator.’

If you’ve not had the chance to play Modern Warfare’s 2 campaign yet, beware as there will be some mild spoilers.

One mission stood out to HasanAbi in particular, in which he and Task Force 141 were called to drop into a desert area, accompanied by a friendly helicopter.

Those watching immediately recognised that the mission was inspired by the real-life raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan. Which is unsurprising as Call Of Duty often mirrors scenes from news headlines.

HasanAbi dismissed the comments and said: ‘If that were the case, the helicopter in front of me would immediately explode. Everybody knows that Seal Team Six loves dropping helicopters. It’s famously their most favourite thing to do.’ 

A few moments later, he was surprised to find the friendly helicopter did get blown up by enemy defences. 

‘Okay, this game is realistic,’ HasanAbi said while unable to control his laughter.  

finishing war crime simulator later, been an insane journey, def learned a lot — hasanabi (@hasanthehun) October 24, 2022

Another moment in the campaign puts the task force in control of a missile tracking the vehicle of a high-ranking political figure.  

HasanAbi didn’t immediately understand his role in that mission, but once he realised that he had to assassinate the politician he initially tried to resist. 

‘I don’t want to do a war crime,’ he yelled as he guided the missile to its destination. ‘I just executed a state leader of a foreign state!’ 

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HasanAbi huffed and puffed through a few of the missions in his stream but doesn’t seem to have completed the campaign so far.

He’s usually famous for roasting controversial celebrities and political figures on his Twitch channel, and rarely plays that many games nowadays. But it is odd to see him laughing at something that would legitimately be regarded as illegal in real-life.

Not all of his viewers saw the funny side though, with Zaed Qureshi saying: ‘I hope one day Call Of Duty can be a based series that critiques the military industrial complex, but until then, it continues to be cringe.’

‘It works as satire but it’s completely unintentional and only there because of how absurd it all is. The Department of Defense helps make it,’ added Ray on Twitter.

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Read the full Article: Modern Warfare 2 campaign is a ‘war crime simulator’ says HasanAbi

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