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Parasite Eve planning comeback hints new Square Enix trademark

Parasite Eve planning comeback hints new Square Enix trademark
Cue a very awkward announcement for a PlayStation 5 port of The 3rd Birthday (pic: Square Enix via Parasite Eve Wiki)

A Square Enix trademark has people hoping Parasite Eve will see a revival or remake, albeit perhaps under a new name.

Survival horror games seem to be in vogue again thanks to the success of the Resident Evil remakes. Aside from Capcom continuing the trend by remaking Resident Evil 4 , other companies are clearly eager for a piece of the same pie.

Both EA and Konami have horror remakes on the way, with Dead Space and Silent Hill 2 , and so fans of the genre are hopeful that more such projects will follow.

If new speculation is to be believed, then Square Enix has also been scouring its back catalogue for a classic horror IP to revive, and seems to have alighted upon Parasite Eve.

The speculation comes from a recently spotted trademark for something called Symbiogenesis. Square Enix applied for it earlier this month and it was only published in Japan earlier today.

At a first glance, nothing about the trademark suggests any sort of connection to the Parasite Eve series. However, symbiogenesis isn’t another one of Square Enix’s bizarre made-up names, but an actual evolutionary theory.

A quick skim through its Wikipedia page honestly hurts our brain, but the important part is that it served as the basis for the Parasite Eve novel from 1995, with the 1998 PlayStation 1 game acting as a sequel.

The trademark was first spotted by Gematsu and can be viewed here , although there’s nothing else to be gleaned from it.

Square Enix trademarks Symbiogenesis in Japan, Bandai Namco trademarks Dream Match — Gematsu (@gematsu) October 23, 2022

It’s possible Square Enix may not be able to use the Parasite Eve name anymore. Pseudo-sequel The 3rd Birthday dropped the name and strayed away from the themes of the previous games, in favour of some nonsense involving amnesia, aliens, and time travel.

Plus, in 2010, when discussing potential re-releases of the first two games, Square Enix’s Yoshinori Kitase told VG247 that those games were also the property of Hideaki Sena, the author of the original novel.

Both games did see a release on the PlayStation Network, but it seems they were removed at some point, possibly due to a licensing agreement expiring.

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While we can’t find any definitive statements from the company or Sena, this may all point to Square Enix choosing to revive the series under a new name.

Parasite Eve fans, at the very least, see the new trademark as a sign that Square Enix wants to do something with the series. The most common assumption being either a remaster or a remake.

New Parasite Eve please for the love of god — 🦇BATalie 🦇 Raine (@WitchyBride) October 23, 2022

Square Enix, if you’re doing a remake of Parasite Eve, do the thing you always do, port the original to new consoles PLEASE. Don’t act like it doesn’t exist. You’re really good at loving your classics. Please, port the original before you remake it, PLEASE. 🙏 — Suzi Hunter (@TheSphereHunter) October 23, 2022

— Yunalescka ☾ (@YunalesckaGames) October 23, 2022

okay i need to calm down fr that tweet literally confirmed nothing i just read the words “parasite eve” and started bouncing off the walls at the possibilities — lindsey ⭐️ (@heathrmasons) October 23, 2022

Let’s say Parasite Eve IS getting a remake. Do you think the battle system would remain unchanged, or would we be getting an over the shoulder with powers included? — CANnibal 🎃uadfather 🏳️‍🌈 (@MatthwDayton) October 24, 2022

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