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Games Inbox: Cyberpunk 2077 bad game status, Advanced Warfare 2 doubts, and Nintendo voice-acting

Games Inbox: Cyberpunk 2077 bad game status, Advanced Warfare 2 doubts, and Nintendo voice-acting
Cyberpunk 2077 – does it deserve its second chance? (pic: CD Projekt Red)

The Thursday letters page has some mixed opinions on CD Projekt’s recent announcements, as one reader hopes Mortal Kombat 12 is not imminent.

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Cheap redemption As someone that bought and completed the game at launch (on PC) I really don’t think Cyberpunk 2077 has done enough to earn this unexpected redemption. The only reason it’s popular again now is because of a Netflix anime and the fact that it’s absolutely dirt cheap – neither of which has anything to do with its own qualities.

As a game it hasn’t changed much at all, especially on PC, so it’s still a try-hard role-player with bad combat, an edgelord script, and a boring open world. It’s not a terrible game but it’s also not a 20 million selling game. Although I guess once your expectations have been lowered enough, and the game is cheap enough to not feel ripped off, the way you judge it changes.

Either way, I feel that CD Projekt have got off far too lightly and are now busy trying to sweep the whole launch fiasco under the carpet. They can announce all the new games they like but I’m not going to be interested in any of them until I see some cast iron reviews, and probably not even then. Godrick

Future plans I know some will try to dismiss, to pretend that everything is normal and fine, but I also think Sony’s refusal to engage with fans is deeply worrying. Not only do I literally not knowing what they’re planning at the moment but I can’t begin to imagine any logical reason for why they’ve been acting the way they have for the last six months.

It’s completely out of character, extremely damage, and easily solvable. If anyone that doesn’t agree with me can explain why it all makes sense, and isn’t them being extremely weird for no reason, I’d love to hear it.

Presumably we’ll gain some understanding of what they’re planning next year, or perhaps at The Game Awards in December, but if it’s just to continue to drip feed information in the most least exciting way possibly I really worry for their future. Costa

The prequel effect I think if the first thing that happens with Activision’s big plan for 2025’s Call Of Duty is that you start wondering which one Advanced Warfare was, it’s probably a sign that a sequel isn’t a good idea. I thought everyone was against their sci-fi games, so is this becoming like the Star Wars prequels, with the length of time and false nostalgia – not to mention contrariness – has caused certain people to start pretending they were good?

Let’s just have some proper Call Of Duty games set in the modern day, or close to it, for a few years and settle things down. No more WW2 and no more sci-fi. If the most successful sub-series is Modern Warfare, and the second most successful is Black Ops that should be all you need to know about what the priorities should be for the series. Austin

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Quick turnaround CD Projekt has six new games in the pipeline, and they’re making four of them themselves? I guess they must have got some new funding from somewhere. So maybe they are good businesspeople after all, despite the decision to launch the game when it was virtually unplayable.

Since money is all they care about I find it very hard to get excited about the new Witcher or Cyberpunk. They say they’re going to make three Witcher games in six months but that’s a quicker turnaround than a Call Of Duty game (by a whole year!) so I have a great deal of trouble imagining it’ll be as good as the third game.

I also fear it’ll become even more grimdark and cynical, to make Cyberpunk 2077, which I’m really not interested in seeing. Other people may be forgiving and forgetting what CD Projekt did but not me. Benson

Third pillar To me it doesn’t sound like NetherRealm’s next game is Mortal Kombat at all. Ed Boon said nothing to indicate it is and purposefully not announcing it for the 30th anniversary seems silly, why wouldn’t you if it’s a new Mortal Kombat game?

I agree Injustice 3 is unlikely and I’m glad, as while the games were fine I’m fed up of that grimdark universe and the unreasonable amount of influence it’s had on the comics and films.

If NetherRealm are working on a brand new game though I’d love that. They’re a talented team but they basically only ever get to work on the same one or two games.

I guess one possibility is that rumoured Marvel game though, as while that sounds unlikely in theory the evidence did seem fairly strong, and we haven’t seen anything hints of a new Marvel Vs. Capcom for a long time now. Korbie

That’s what I’m talking about It’s been mentioned recently how Nintendo’s refusal to have full voice-acting in most of its game is beginning to seem more like laziness than artistic preference, at least when it comes to anything other than Zelda, and I tend to agree. Pokémon definitely needs proper voice-acting and so do games like Splatoon and Metroid.

I know it’s a big change but because it’s so overdue it’s going to feel weird, so I think the idea of doing animated shorts, using their new CG animation company, is a very good idea. Make films based on these games and it will help to normalise the idea of these characters talking without having to have a transition game were people don’t like it.

I admit I don’t know how you’d handle Zelda though, as while it is the most cinematic Nintendo franchise Link not talking is pretty important. Unless it was very short I don’t see how they can keep him mute and yet having him babbling along whenever he likes also doesn’t seem the answer. I’m not sure there is a real answer to this but I’d be interested to hear other readers’ views. Condorman

Rewarding purchase Just got Xbox Series X. Can’t believe how good it is. The value for money is second to none, it won’t cost me a thing for the next three years.

I’ve started doing the Microsoft Rewards and I just want to make sure I’m making the most of it. Is there any ways that aren’t clear on how to make more points? I’ve seen lots of Inboxes saying they were making loads but I don’t seem be making much. dan69247 Currently playing: everything

Late bloomer It’s great to see the recent resurgence of interest and, dare I say, admiration for Cyberpunk 2077.

I’ve found myself in an interesting position, in that I started playing the game in January of this year. This was very much a time when Cyberpunk was in a quieter stage of its tumultuous lifespan. Most of the bugs had been ironed out and the game seemed mostly functional. So, after seeing it for £10 on eBay, I decided to give it a go, albeit with quite low expectations.

Jump to October and I can safely say that Cyberpunk 2077 is one of my favourite games of the last five years. It’s honestly blown me away. Nearly every quest features a range of interesting characters, meaningful choices and real player input. Night City feels like a vibrant world, begging to be explored. The context to the world and its events is so well crafted, I’m yet to complete the game’s main story as I’m desperately trying to take in everything it has to offer.

What I also find interesting is how playing a game such a Cyberpunk really highlights the gap in quality compared to similar role-players. Fallout 4 now seems entirely devoid of life, likewise the writing in Horizon Zero Dawn pales in comparison. It’s not that these games are objectively poor. More so that Cyberpunk 2077 is so well made that it makes you demand that same level of craft in other games.

So, we’ll done CD Projekt Red. You deserve all the recent praise for such a phenomenal game. Fraser

Inbox also-rans I previously asked you to take a look at Hyper Demon. now I’m begging you to review this game. I think it’s an absolute gem that GameCentral shouldn’t let slip on its review list. Henry

GC: We’re looking into it.

I hate the way Nintendo treats its voice actors. I bet this change for Bayonetta 3 has something to do with using non-union workers. It’s always something to do with that when it comes to them. Bayonetta’s voice was so important to the character. Braun

This week’s Hot Topic The subject for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Razzledazzle, who asks what game mechanic have you never been able to get the hang of?

His example was the web-swinging in Spider-Man, but it can be any element of a game, from a general concept such as flying to something more specific like the special moves in a fighting game.

Are you completely unable to pull off the mechanic or is it more that you’re just not very good at it? How much effort have you made to get better and what would you change to make it easier?

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Read the full Article: Games Inbox: Cyberpunk 2077 bad game status, Advanced Warfare 2 doubts, and Nintendo voice-acting

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