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Fortnite v22.10 update: Super Styles, new weapons and Holo-Chests

Fortnite v22.10 update: Super Styles, new weapons and Holo-Chests
This season’s Super Styles will be available very soon (pic: Epic Games)

Fortnite has rolled out its first update for Chapter 3 Season 4, aka patch 22.10, and has introduced new weapons, as well as a small freebie.  

As Season 4 has already entered its third week, it’s only natural that more and more content and quality of life changes will start hitting Fortnite.

After a 12-hour server downtime, patch 22.10 has not only confirmed that this season’s Super Styles will become available soon but has also revealed a kind-of-new weapon. 

Though Epic Games hasn’t made any huge changes to the game so far, let’s check out the new bits and bops that have been added to Fortnite, or in some cases, taken away and put back straight into the vault. 

If you’ve already grinded through this season’s battle pass, the game’s latest update has confirmed that Super Styles will go live on Thursday, October 6. Also known as Enlightened Styles, these bonus rewards are basically progressive skins that unlock past Battle Pass Level 100.   

The Super Styles have received some criticism from players in the past, for a lack of creativity, as they look like recolours of existing skins. However, this time they look a bit more interesting, and will also be added to long-awaited characters such as Paradigm and Spider-Gwen. 

Apart from Paradigm and Spider-Gwen, Celestial, Spectral, and Aurelian Styles will also unlock for Bytes, Lennox Rose, and Meow Skulls. 

All Super Style skins + Zuri Contest style is finally here (Credits: Me & @XTigerHyperX2 ) — Shiina (@ShiinaBR) October 4, 2022

Bytes’ Dark Bargains Quests have also been added to Fortnite, for anyone who’s unlocked Bytes’ pickaxe cosmetic, The Nothing’s Gift. Through these quests, you can unlock extra skins for Bytes’ pickaxe, and you can only complete them by wearing Bytes skin. 

After dataminers unveiled the Cobra DMR, this marksman rifle has finally been added to the game. The Cobra DMR uses medium bullets and has a headshot multiplier of 1.5x. It also replaced the DMR which has now been vaulted with the 22.10 update, alongside the Boogie Bomb. 

The Goo Gun showcased in the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 trailer is also finally coming to the game.

The Explosive Goo Gun should be available right after downtime! The Cobra DMR will most likely be available next week! — Shiina (@ShiinaBR) October 4, 2022

Another item that was vaulted, but is now making a comeback, is the Grapple Glove. It’s a handy item to carry as it’s used to traverse swiftly by grappling to different surfaces and swinging towards them, giving you some enhanced mobility options. 

Chapter 3 Season 4 also brought another new feature to Fortnite, the Key Vaults, which as their name suggests, require keys to open. The 22.10 update has now added another way to use those keys, if there’s not any Key Vaults around: the Holo-Chests. 

New in v22.10: Holo-Chests! Use one Key to open a Holo-Chest holding an item you desire: Holo-Chests display a holographic preview of what’s inside so you’ll know whether it has what you need before opening it. #Fortnite — Fortnite News 🦋 (@FortniteBR) October 4, 2022

Holo-Chests can be found around the map, and they also show what they hold inside, so you know whether it’s worth unlocking them. If you happen to find a two-key Holo-Chest, then you’re in for a treat, as it’s guaranteed to have an exotic tier weapon inside. 

Last but not least, Epic Games has decided to gift players with a Sweat-Free wrap freebie, after Fortnite faced some turbulence during the Chapter 3 Season 4 launch. You’ll get this rare tier cosmetic when you log into the Fortnite after updating. 

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Besides making a few changes to the loot pool, and revealing this season’s Super Styles, devs also implemented a number of bug fixes to keep Fortnine running smoothly. 

Here are all the bug fixes patch 22.10 introduced: 

Hair is clipping through headwear on several outfits.  VFX can persist after being eliminated in the vortex.  Players getting stuck when phasing through Chrome areas at Herald’s Sanctum.  Sliding can cause flashing colors to appear while pointing the camera downwards.  Some trees under the Chrome effect look angular.  Storm notifications may appear lower than normal.  Items spawned via the Item Placer are not counted by the Player Tracker in Creative.  Trap tiles may not disable when building over them in Save The World.  The keyboard may not pop up for some GeForce NOW players on iOS.  The ‘Reset to last saved position’ button in the HUD Layout Tool does not return all buttons to the last saved position. 

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