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League Of Legends patch 12.18: champion reworks and Fright Night skins

The gothic-themed Fright Night collection is making a comeback (pic: Riot Games)

Just a few days ahead of the Worlds 2022 championship, League Of Legends patch 12.18 has revealed more champion reworks and the Fright Night collection.

The final patch update before the Worlds 2022 championship has been released, in an attempt to level the playing field at Summoner’s Rift. 

Even though the changes won’t be as drastic as the last few patch updates, you’ll still get a few new skins to play around with.  

With Udyr being officially disabled for the event, developer Riot Games also seem to be targeting two roles: jungle and AD carry. 

Jungle champions Hecarim, Kayn and Nocturne have been nerfed as they have grown a little too beefy over the past few weeks. 

Specifically, Hecarim has received a big hit to his Q and W abilities (Rampage and Spirit of Dread), not only bringing down his damage but also his resistances. It looks like these adjustments will further help his synergies with fighter items, as has been Riot’s intention since the last update. 

Big playmakers like Lee Sin and Thresh might also make an appearance on Worlds’ big screen, since they’re getting an increase in their HP growth. 

Besides Jungle focused changes, AD carry champions have also been in the spotlight with Zeri and Sivir rising through the ranks in the game. 

These two haven’t been particularly affected by patch 12.18, as this time Riot had their sights on Ashe, Kalista and Miss Fortune.  

Ashe was the lucky one out of the group, as she received a small buff on her Q (Ranger’s Shot). On the other hand, Miss Fortune and Kalista were hit with nerfs to stop them from snowballing out of control.  

Riot seems to have decided Miss Fortune’s boost from the previous patch update was too much, as they’ve now hit her AD and health growth, although she’s still a viable pick. 

Kalista has always been one of the strongest marksmen and reducing her base health will make it easier to get a lead against her in early game. 

These patch 12.18 changes are all fairly safe, as Riot is not necessarily looking to bump any champion out of the Worlds meta – except maybe Udyr. 

Fright Night skin collection and Worlds Azir  

Patch 12.18 also brought back the Fright Night skin collection, after League players voted for it to make a comeback.  

These are the six champions that are getting the gothic skin revamp: 

Annie (rework)  Draven  Nautilus  Renata Glasc  Trundle  Urgot 

As the president of League Of Legends, rapper Lil Nas X revealed the Fright Night skin collection on Twitter.

Trick or treat? Welcome To Fright Night 😈 🌙 Fright Night Renata 🕸 Fright Night Nautilus 🧙‍♀️ Fright Night Annie 👻 Fright Night Draven ☠️ Fright Night Trundle 🕷 Fright Night Urgot — LoLNasX (@LeagueOfLegends) September 8, 2022

The Worlds 2022 Azir skin is also on its way, along with a new Ashen Knight skin for Sylas, following the tradition of champions getting event specific skins close to crunch time.

Bow before the victor. Worlds 2022 Azir is on PBE. — LoLNasX (@LeagueOfLegends) September 8, 2022

At last, a worthy challenge. Ashen Slayer Sylas rises from the dust. ⛓️ — LoLNasX (@LeagueOfLegends) September 8, 2022

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Read the full Article: League Of Legends patch 12.18: champion reworks and Fright Night skins

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