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Fans react to Gunsmith 2.0 for Modern Warfare 2 and they’re not happy

Fans react to Gunsmith 2.0 for Modern Warfare 2 and they’re not happy
Players can now add more of their personality to their weapons (pic: Activision)

Activision has showed off the new weapon customisation system for Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 and not everyone’s happy about it.

Only a month away from Modern Warfare 2’s release, developer Infinity Ward has explained how they’ve tinkered with the Gunsmith system to offer more customisation options to players. 

The Gunsmith feature completely replaced the old attachment system from before Modern Warfare, when it was introduced in 2019. 

Now, Gunsmith 2.0 is built around weapon platforms which include families of attachments, meaning you’ve still got stocks, magazines and scopes, but also receivers which completely change the type of weapon. 

For example, if you choose to equip an assault rifle and then change to a sub-machine gun (SMG) within the same group of receivers, you get to keep all your previous attachments for that SMG. 

‘Each of those shared attachments that you unlock is now cross-progressable and attachable onto another weapon in the same class,’ the devs explained. 

Also, depending on the attachment, it’s either unlocked for all weapons within a platform, or unlocked for all weapons in the entire game. 

That all seems positive enough but the new features haven’t been received well by all fans, with some already convinced they won’t enjoy the game.

One Twitter user even said they’ll ‘break their controller’ before they play the game, and another said that the ‘new model’ of the game is not for them. 

Might break my controller before I play the game at this rate — CDLTrashTalk 🇩🇿 (@CDLTrashTalk) September 14, 2022

Squad spawns, gunsmith, tac sprint, doors, bad maps etc they’re commited to this model and if you can’t see the writings on this wall with this game I feel sorry for you. Have fun guys but this games not for me. — ÆDro1d (@AsHDro1d) September 15, 2022

Some fans also claimed that the old customisation system Pick 10, which was last seen in Black Ops 4, would be better than Gunsmith 2.0.  

That didn’t sit right with user TheMegaMane, who pointed out that Pick 10 allowed for zero variation and added no character to the weapons. Though others seem to miss the simplicity of the good ol’ days. 

Pick 10 allowed zero variation. Every gun used the same 2 or 3 attachments and every gun performed the exact same. No character no variation. Respectfully, pick 10 is inferior. — 🐶Natty Champs🐶 (@TheMegaMane) September 14, 2022

Oh how I miss Pick 10. All you needed was Quickdraw and Stock, and off to work you went. — Critz! (@Critz5) September 14, 2022

The devs also confirmed that the added customisation options will also extend to the cosmetic vaults, such as the bonus FJX Cinder Vault. 

You’ll be able to test out your custom-built weapons in a new firing range, which should also make it easier to get a side-by-side feel for different attachments. 

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Activision is set to reveal more information about Modern Warfare 2, Warzone 2 and  Warzone Mobile in it’s Call Of Duty: Next event, on September 15 (5.30pm BST). 

The Modern Warfare 2 open beta is now available for pre-load on PlayStation, but if you’re an Xbox or PC user you’ll have to wait until next week. 

If you choose to pre-order the digital version game, Activision has also promised access to early Modern Warfare 2 campaign, that’ll launch around a week ahead of the official release of the game. 

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