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‘They look for sellouts’ – Dr Disrespect bashes Call Of Duty once again

Dr Disrespect and Activision’s beef doesn’t seem to have an end (pic: YouTube)

Dr Disrespect has discovered why Activision stripped him of his Call Of Duty partnership during an Apex Legends stream.  

The relationship between Dr Disrespect and Activision has continued to deteriorate over the years, especially since the streamer revealed he’s launching his own game called Deadrop.  

It all started in 2020 when a Twitch ban seemingly cost Dr Disrespect his Call Of Duty partnership, after he had been streaming the game for five years. 

During an Apex Legends stream with fellow creators CouRage and niko1f, Dr Disrespect said he found out why ‘Activision doesn’t want to work with the Doc.’ 

He claimed that the reason why the publisher no longer wants to partner with him is because he talks ‘too much trash’ about Call Of Duty. 

While that’s not untrue, as he’s been continuously slamming Modern Warfare 2 , he thinks it’s unfair that this would cause the loss of the partnership. 

‘How many times have I complimented the game? How long have I been working with the franchise? For years and years and years,’ he said. 

To lighten the mood, he joked about Call Of Duty’s abbreviation COD and his name Doc being opposites.

‘Everyone knows that COD spelled backward is Doc, and Doc spelled backward is COD, right? It’s in the blood.’ 

After this, Dr Disrespect hopped back on brand and bashed Activision, calling them ‘a bunch of phonies.’  

He also agreed with one viewer who said that he’s not a sellout, saying of Activision: ‘That’s true, they do look for sellouts. That’s for sure.’

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While he was waiting for CouRage and niko1f to finish the game, Dr Disrespect also explained why he criticises the Call Of Duty franchise so much. 

He claimed that it all comes from a place of love and that’s not going to change, and that he doesn’t have any hopes to work with Activision in the future.  

‘What, am I supposed to completely sell out my whole soul? Hell no, man,’ he said. 

Besides the whole Call Of Duty partnership debacle, Dr Disrespect has also accused the franchise for ripping off one of Deadrop’s skins . 

The skin, that’s part of the Malware tracer pack, seems to still be available on Vanguard and Warzone, with Activision remaining silent the whole time.

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