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Games Inbox: PS5 and Xbox Series X disappointment, Tekken 8 hopes, and Destiny 2 exclusivity

How do you feel the new generation has been going? (pic: Metro)

The Tuesday letters page thinks Hideo Kojima’s next game will be announced this month, as one reader suggests everyone play Into The Breach.

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Two years on I’m all for admitting that Call Of Duty gets an unnecessary amount of criticism from some people but describing its big reveal event as ‘era defining’ sure is… optimistic. To be honest, I’m just getting sick of sequels in general at the moment though, whether it’s Call Of Duty or not.

If your sequels are in double digits and they’re not coming out just once or twice a generation, like Nintendo, then by default I’m just not interested. What the games industry desperately needs is more new franchises, more new names, more things we haven’t heard or seen before.

Last gen already had less new IP than any before it and so far it seems this gen will have even less. Half the time it barely seems like this gen has even started and while that’s in large part because of the pandemic it’s just because there’s been no attempt to do anything new.

Remember when Microsoft and Sony were hyping up SSDs as a game-changer that would change the way developers make games? Well, it’s getting on for two years later and the only game that’s even used it an unusual way is Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and it didn’t make a damn bit of difference there.

There might be all sorts of mitigating reasons but as far as I’m concerned, the next generation has been a disappointment and I don’t see any chance of that situation changing any time soon. MBE

Tekken their time Interested to see what the new Tekken game will be. It’s not something that gets talked about a lot but that franchise must be one of the most consistent there is. Maybe there are no massive highs there but I don’t remember being majorly disappointed by any of them, ever. (Not counting Death By Degrees, obviously.)

Like any fighting game a new sequel suffers the same problem of what do you do to make it different but it’s managed all this time without needing to resort to gimmicks so I say just carry on.

The best news to come from Evo though, was not that but Guilty Gear -Strive- hitting 1 million sales. Well done to Arc System Works I say. They’ve been putting in the hard graft for year and it sounds like they’re only now getting the recognition they deserve. Can’t wait till see what they do next. Wooster

Caught again I know there was the leak a few months ago but isn’t it odd how we’ve not heard what Hideo Kojima is working on next yet? If it is this horror game then why hasn’t it been announced yet? Especially if someone has seen the leaked trailer already.

My guess is he’s waiting to unveil it at his pal Geoff Keighley’s show, which I believe is at Gamescom this month. If not that, then definitely The Game Awards in December.

Whatever it is I hope it’s not a sequel to Death Stranding. Not that I didn’t enjoy the original but I really don’t feel like I want to play a sequel. Kojima already spent far too much time tied to Metal Gear, long years he could have spent doing other things, and I’d hate to see him get ensnared again.

Even the horror game sounds like it might just be a rerun of his aborted Silent Hills game. For a guy that is so celebrated for his imagination it’s a shame he only sticks to a (small) handful of franchises. Fangor

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Changed experience Like Kimble, I prefer the type of experience that Battlefield can deliver over Call Of Duty. It’s just that it’s stopped delivering it. The emphasis on team/squad play was not there, as no mic support for god knows how long!? I love a big battle too, but they seem to have gotten rid of 128 player Breakthrough.

The vehicles are the only saving grace and the only reason I’ll ever turn the game on, and even then I’ll be lucky if I’m quick enough on the draw to actually get to drive one.

I honestly cannot wait for Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

At least I will be able to get some semblance of teamwork out of search and destroy. TommyFatFingers

Movie classic Night Trap, the controversial game from the ‘90s on the Sega CD, which made the BBC News headlines is currently available to pre-order on PlayStation 5 standard and Collector’s Edition from Limited Run Games until Sunday August 21.

I was going to pick up the standard version just to experience the game that made it on to the BBC News in the mid ‘90s! It’s now in 4K too! Andrew J.

Full disclosure CD Projekt still hasn’t been fully transparent on the whole development process for Cyberpunk 2077, only showing us an update every 10-12months if we’re lucky. Especially considering the fact that they lost close to $100 million on its development out of the $316 million total, should be indicative enough that keeping the customer in the dark as much as possible ain’t gonna cut it.

Look, I’m a big fan of the game, so big that I finished it playing on a last gen console instead of the new gen, just because the story felt gripping, the music was phenomenal, and the fact that the graphics are out of this world for a game of this scale. And that’s why I want it to improve into an even better game over time, and not bel eft to die slowly or have its whole development cut like Watch Dogs Legion, another promising game with too many bugs to properly enjoy.

Now I understand the game is massive, which is why I really don’t care about the DLC all that much, only them fixing as many of the technical issues as they can find, and making it as close to a masterpiece as they intended it to make. Anon

Xtreme Xbox RE: Denshan. if Microsoft made a steaming handheld it would have an awful name.

If they didn’t call it X-Stream, they’d be missing the obvious but it’s the single worst name imaginable. Can you imagine the advertising? ‘X-Stream is extreeeeeeeme!’

It’d be the most 90s thing ever and worry that if they did do this (and turned the ham up) it might just work. Tron

Insider secrets In response to a recent article about Sony being worried that making Call Of Duty an Xbox exclusive. Sony are worried and rightfully so but maybe Sony is hurting itself, while they could be playing Microsoft at their own game.

Arguably Microsoft’s recent acquisitions Bethesda and Activision Blizzard are real game changers (no pun intended). The acquisition on Bethesda made me and several friends buy an Xbox, even though I would have always claimed I was ‘Team Sony’.

The question I have is this why isn’t Sony fighting fire with fire? When Sony acquired Bungie they could have easily made the next Destiny a real exclusive AAA title but Sony don’t seem to show any intention of that strategy and their recent acquisition of really doesn’t make any sort of business sense. Are Sony reverting to type and relying on teams like Naughty Dog to keep them afloat? If so, I think Sony could have a big problem ahead of them. Anon

GC: There’s no way to answer that question, since everyone that would know is either not talking or unlikely to tell the full truth. But perhaps it was a stipulation by Bungie. Sony has repeatedly said they were primarily interested in Bungie’s expertise with lives service games and not necessarily Destiny 2.

Inbox also-rans Great to see all the love for Into The Breach from GC. Totally agree with it getting a 10/10 on Netflix. Not only has it got a ton of new content but it’s essentially free. Everyone should play it. Kreeps

I don’t understand how someone uploads a 30 second clip of Diablo 4 , of him saying he probably shouldn’t upload it, and then is surprised it gets taken down. With friends like that Blizzard doesn’t need enemies! Bolton

This week’s Hot Topic The subject for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Cosmo, who asks what’s your favourite video game universe?

Which game or franchise do you think has the most interesting fictional universe? Is it because of its lore, its characters, its art design, gameplay, or something else? What makes a good fictional world and how has your pick elevated the games it’s been in?

Have you explored the game world in media outside of video games, such as books and comics, and do you feel it’s interesting enough to be adapted as a TV show or movie?

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Read the full Article: Games Inbox: PS5 and Xbox Series X disappointment, Tekken 8 hopes, and Destiny 2 exclusivity

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