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Diablo Immortal: everything you need to know

They look a little overdressed (pic: Blizzard)

Despite everything, Diablo Immortal is making its way onto phones, tablets, and PC in the coming days, so here’s everything you need to know before launch.

It might have been booed and it might be coming out during one of Activision Blizzard’s worst periods in modern history (multiple scandals, bad remakes, and Overwatch 2’s beta being met with apathy) but the Diablo Immortal train doesn’t seem to be slowing down, as Blizzard ’s first true entry into the mobile space is coming on June 2.

While not a true sequel to Diablo 3 (the fourth entry is delayed until 2023), Immortal is supposed to sit alongside the main games as a side piece. A little game for when you’re on the go. 

However, there are still some burning questions that need answering before people begin diving into the game. Like, crossplay? What about cross saves? Does anyone know if I can play this on PC?

Is Diablo Immortal crossplay and cross save?

Diablo Immortal is in fact crossplay. Android and iOS users can play with each other without any restrictions and those on PC will also be able to play too. 

For those that know they’ll want to continue their loot hunting adventures on the go, as well as at their desk, your save will follow you wherever you decide to sign into the game. 

If you move from iOS to Android, or want to hop onto your PC, simply use your account to get access to your characters.

What classes are in Diablo Immortal?

Who you gonna call? (pic: Blizzard)

The classes in Diablo Immortal seem to be pulled from Diablo 3’s model, excluding the Witch Doctor.

At launch you’ll be able to play as:

Barbarian Demon Hunter Wizard Crusader Necromancer Monk

If you’ve played Diablo 3, you’ll probably recognise all the classes made available to you over the course of that game’s 10-year lifespan. They’re unlikely to be exactly the same in Immortal but the basics should be.

What time does Diablo Immortal launch?

The map of all the times (pic: Blizzard)

Blizzard is releasing the game worldwide on June 2, at 6pm BST. As with any online game, you’ll want to brace yourself for a few snags as the game rolls out to users across the world. 

We’re hoping that we won’t see the same errors as we did with Diablo 3, where the game was so hyped that it was hard to log into for almost a month.

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There are around 30 servers for English speaking European countries, with each major location getting its own data centre of servers to play on. 

If you’ve pre-registered on iOS or Android, the App Store and Play Store will begin downloading it for you automatically when it deems appropriate. 

On PC, you can now pre-load the game on so it’ll be waiting for you on June 2.

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