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Twitch moderator arrested after two year harassment campaign of streamer

The streamer was run off the platform due to harassment (pic: Nalipls/Twitter)

Twitch streamer Nalipls has been harassed for two years by an ex-moderator of her streams, which has resulted in his arrest. 

Nalipls, a World of Warcraft streamer, was run off Twitch two years ago, after continued harassment by a single individual, Evan Baltierra. The harassment campaign has been well documented, with Nalipls revealing everything in an Imgur image album and a Twitlonger blog post. 

Baltierra began the harassment after meeting up in 2019 at the Blizzard convention, Blizzcon. This ramped up during 2020 as Nalipls claims he began excessively donating, wanting attention, and even approaching her outside of the streaming platform, through the game-centric chat app Discord. 

After threatening to kill himself once confronted over fake accounts used to comment on Instagram, and attempting to visit her, she checked on his condition and proceeded to remove his moderation privileges and cut all ties. Then he began ramping up his harassment further. 

Baltierra allegedly began Photoshopping Nalipls’ face onto nude images, as well as creating more accounts to harass her and her boyfriend. Nalipls attempted to get a restraining order, but due to a lack of funds took a settlement in court.

This then led to Baltierra disclosing her personal information – doxxing – and attempt to send the SWAT team to her home.

Across multiple accounts, Baltierra would harass Nalipls (pic: Nalipls)

The Canadian court filed nine different charges against Baltierra, but due to the legal process, and the fact that he lived in the United States, the arrest stateside was delayed.

Due to the constant harassment, Nalipls was hospitalised over heart issues that stemmed from her stress, almost killing her.

The threats towards her and her boyfriend continued even when the two picked up World Of Warcraft again. Baltierra would be there to harass the two of them and claimed on Twitter that Nalipls’ boyfriend would need a ‘casket’ and referencing a ‘newsworthy event at a convention’. 

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Evan Baltierra is an ex-police officer and former U.S marine, based in Orange County, California. According to the affidavit, he was in ‘at least one combat deployment’ and never made it past his ‘probationary period’. 

During his harassment campaign, Blizzard saw it necessary to hire extra security for Nalipls at Blizzcon and deemed Baltierra a threat. He was also permanently banned from World Of Warcraft. 

Baltierra’s campaign against Nalipls became so twisted, the FBI begun to get involved, finding the photoshopped nudes on his computers and evidence of all the accounts he’d made. 

Currently released on bond, Baltierra could go to jail for five years if found guilty, with his court case due to start on June 27.

Orange County man arrested on federal stalking charge alleging multiyear harassment campaign against prominent online gamer — US Attorney L.A. (@USAO_LosAngeles) May 24, 2022

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Read the full Article: Twitch moderator arrested after two year harassment campaign of streamer

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