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Wordle Archive lets you replay all the previous puzzles

Late to the party? Wordle Archive has you covered (pic: Getty /

With over 200 puzzles and counting, someone has put together a Wordle Archive to let you replay previous words.

Part of what makes Wordle so appealing and addictive is, as its own creator put it , it doesn’t constantly demand your attention. However, its lack of replayability does mean newcomers have missed out on previous puzzles.

In order to rectify this, somebody has created Wordle Archive , a place where you can catch up on every previous Wordle puzzle.

Created by one Devang Thakkar , it functions exactly the same as Wordle and, unlike some of the clones you may have spotted on app stores, lacks any ads or monetisation efforts.

It doesn’t have an optional hard mode like Wordle does, but it features a dark mode and a colour-blind mode , the latter of which was only added to Wordle recently.

If we had to complain about one thing, it’s that Wordle Archive doesn’t fit the puzzle and keyboard on one screen. So, if you’re inputting letters by clicking on the on-screen keyboard, you have to keep scrolling up and down for the first couple of guesses.

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Granted, Wordle Archive isn’t the first effort to let people play Wordle multiple times a day. Earlier this month saw the release of Wheeldle , which is just Wordle but without the one puzzle per day limit.

Wordle hasn’t appealed to everyone, however. One person dislikes the craze so much, they created a Twitter bot that would automatically reply to those sharing their results with the answer to the following day’s puzzle. At the time of writing, the bot has been banned from Twitter .

Here it is, the Wordle Archive – Remembrance of Wordles Past. This is the culmination of a very busy weekend built on a lot of work by other awesome people ( @powerlanguish , @katherinecodes , ) . A 🧵on why and how I did it (1/n) — Devang Thakkar (@devangvang) January 10, 2022

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Read the full Article: Wordle Archive lets you replay all the previous puzzles

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