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Players brand Warzone ‘unplayable’ as invisible enemy glitch returns

Call of Duty Warzone – at least you can see these guys (pic: Activision)

Call Of Duty: Warzone has suffered from major bugs ever since the launch of the Caldera map but the new one may be the worst yet.

The relative failure of Call Of Duty: Vanguard was put down to the Second World War setting but the problems with Warzone are more mechanical than conceptual: it’s full of bugs and cheaters .

Cheaters are a problem for every online game at the moment, but Warzone’s constant stream of serious bugs never seems to end. As a case in point the infamous Buy Station one has now been fixed but the much hated invisibility glitch has returned.

As highlighted by Redditor stumilne , the new version of the bug can cause enemies to turn invisible, even though they’re still in the game and perfectly capable of shooting back.

The bug only seems to happen when aiming down sights, and possibly only in specific locations on the map, but naturally enough it’s led to some players getting very upset.

‘Terrible smh… this game is pretty unplayable’, says one player in stumilne’s Reddit thread. ‘Pro tip: delete the game, play something else/better’ suggests another.

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Parts of the map itself have also been reported as turning invisible, including rocks and fences being used as cover and even the guns themselves.

The most likely locations for the bug to strike are Village, Beach, Peak, and Mines but there don’t seem to be any guarantees and the only fix is going to have to come from a new patch.

So when you aim in, the enemies disappear… can’t see anything wrong with that. Anyone else had this? from CODWarzone

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Read the full Article

Read the full Article: Players brand Warzone ‘unplayable’ as invisible enemy glitch returns

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