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Boba Fett stars in new leaked footage of cancelled Star Wars 1313 game

Star Wars 1313 – the closed book of Boba Fett (pic: Lucasfilm Games)

If you’re not impressed by Boba Fett’s portrayal in the Disney + show here’s a new look at the game he was going to star in.

It says a lot when the best episode of The Book Of Boba Fett is the one he isn’t in (and has a fun nod to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order) but for anyone upset at how the show has turned him into a buffoonish pacifist, here’s a reminder of the good old days – or rather what the good old days could’ve been if the game involved hadn’t been cancelled.

Star Wars 1313 was to have been LucasArt’s big budget debut on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and their first mature-rated Star Wars game, but it got caught up in the sale of Lucasfilm to Disney and was, along with everything else from LucasArts, summarily cancelled.

Various footage, both official and otherwise, has appeared over time but the new video below has never been seen before, with the opening sequence in the seedy underbelly of Coruscant still looking impressive today.

The latter half of the video features obviously unfinished backdrops but gives a good idea of how the third person platforming aspect would’ve worked (for whatever reason Boba doesn’t seem to have his jetpack).

We originally saw the game at E3 2012 , at which point the protagonist was just a non-descript human. The idea was that the character you initially started playing as would be killed by Boba Fett and then you’d take control of the famous bounty hunter for the rest of the game.

That was all a secret at the time, with the initial previews not mentioning Boba Fett, but once the game was cancelled the details all began to leak out.

For years after there was occasional talk of reviving the project but that now seems extremely unlikely, not least because of the direction The Book of Boba Fett has taken the character.

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Even at the time it seemed peculiar that no Star Wars game had really focused on bounty hunter characters, with the only exception being 2002’s poorly received Star Wars: Bounty Hunter, starring Boba Fett’s dad Jango Fett.

The success of The Mandolorian has led many to speculate that Ubisoft’s open world game may be bounty hunter related, although they’ve still not released any information about what their title is.

It seems relatively unlikely that any of Respawn’s three new Star Wars games are bounty hunter games though as one is a strategy game, one is Fallen Order 2, and the other is a first person shooter by the executive producer of Battlefront.

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Read the full Article: Boba Fett stars in new leaked footage of cancelled Star Wars 1313 game

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