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Halo Infinite players discover 14 secret multiplayer modes

Halo Infinite – we probably weren’t meant to see these (pic: Microsoft)

343 Industries has more multiplayer modes planned for Halo Infinite, but it’s technically possible to play them already on the PC version.

Even with its progression issues and surplus of cheaters, Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is definitely the game’s strongest element. There’s already a decent surplus of game modes to enjoy, but it’s not surprising to learn that developer 343 Industries has even more planned for the future.

What is surprising is that these new modes are technically playable right now. Reddit user WickedSolider991 discovered the 14 additional modes by launching Halo Infinite while offline.

Since Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is online, it at first seems impossible to play any of the new modes. But WickedSolider991 explains that it’s possible to access them by copying them to the mode editor. For the time being, however, this can only be done on the PC version of the game.

The modes themselves consist of variations of already existing ones (such as Capture the Flag for the Fiesta playlist), as well as an entirely new playlist called Tactical and a new Attrition mode.

The full list is:

Arena: Attrition Arena: Attrition Dodgeball Arena: Elimination Fiesta: Attrition Fiesta: CTF Fiesta: One Flag CTF Fiesta: Strongholds Ranked: Elimination Ranked: One Flag Tactical: Slayer Tactical: Slayer Commandos Tactical: Slayer Manglers Tactical: Slayer Sidekicks Tactical: Slayer Stalker Rifles

Exactly when 343 Industries plans on properly adding these new modes to Halo Infinite is unknown. The game does allow you to create custom matches for multiplayer but being able to copy these new modes wholesale may be more appealing to those who don’t want to spend ages trawling through menus to make their own custom games.

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343 Industries is also working on adding both campaign co-op and the Forge mode to Halo Infinite. Both are mainstays of the Halo series but will not be included with Halo Infinite when it launches.

The extension of the first season of multiplayer content has pushed their releases back, and 343 Industries has only said that campaign co-op will arrive when season 2 launches, which won’t be until May 2022 at the earliest .

Halo Infinite releases on December 8 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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Read the full Article: Halo Infinite players discover 14 secret multiplayer modes

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