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Amouranth’s aggressive Pokimane hot tub tweet was actually a jab at IndieFoxx

Don’t worry, she didn’t mean it (pic: Instagram)

After Pokimane announced she would be doing a hot tub stream, fellow streamer Amouranth took the opportunity to throw shade at someone else.

So, hot tub streams are a thing now. Some Twitch streamers have begun doing their job from inside of a hot tub and it looks like more and more are joining in on the trend, with Pokimane being one of them.

Details of her hot tub stream are unclear, but the news caught the attention of another streamer, Amouranth , who has also partaken in hot tub streams. At a first glance, however, it looked as if she was accusing Pokimane of copying her.

In a rather aggressive post on her personal Twitter account, she writes ‘Seeing another streamer copy my stream verbatim is disturbing. It makes me sick to my stomach seeing someone stealing my creativity [because] they’re a bot with no ideas of their own.’ — Kaitlyn (@wildkait) May 8, 2021

The whole thing is rather shocking to read until you realise that what Amouranth is doing is mocking another streamer, IndieFoxx, who had accused Amouranth of stealing her idea for hot tub streams.

Amouranth’s post is almost a one-to-one copy of IndieFoxx’s accusation. It appears to have since been deleted but has been saved for posterity’s sake by streamer Melina, who in turn claimed that IndieFoxx copied her.

wait a minute.. didn’t she copy all of my ideas?? — Melina (@melinagoranson) March 19, 2021

In actuality, Amouranth seems stoked for Pokimane’s stream, responding to her announcement with enthusiasm . And when someone asked for her permission to borrow her idea, Amouranth assured them that her aggressive tweet was an inside joke and satire.

You’re fine, everyone is, this was an inside joke, satire 😘 — Kaitlyn (@wildkait) May 9, 2021

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Drama between streamers is nothing new. For example, last month, xQc was kicked out of a Grand Theft Auto roleplay group live on stream, possibly for encouraging his fans to hop into the other streamers’ chats.

Said fans were reportedly hostile and things ended with xQc being permanently banned from the group, making this the third time it had happened.

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Read the full Article: Amouranth’s aggressive Pokimane hot tub tweet was actually a jab at IndieFoxx

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