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PS5 and Xbox Series X eBay scalpers selling consoles for over £5,000

Anyone got a spare £5000 just lying around? (Pic: eBay)

eBay listings for the Xbox Series X go as high as £5,000, while others are selling their PS5 pre-orders for more than double the price.

The Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 are officially out (even if Europe has to wait an extra week for Sony’s console), but their launches haven’t exactly been smooth, with some Xbox pre-orders not turning up until Christmas time .

With many forced to miss out on a new console on day one, this has led to eBay becoming flooded with scalpers for both consoles, who are selling them for outrageously high prices.

A standard Xbox Series X retails at £449.99 in the UK, but many eBay listings have the console priced at more than double that, ranging from £1,000 to as much £5,000, all of which are touted as being brand-new and/or unopened.

That’s about 10 times the usual price (Pic: eBay)

The most expensive one, for £5,000, isn’t even for a console itself, but for a pre-order and you have to go and collect in person.

Some listings are for the the more affordable Xbox Series S, which is normally priced at £249.99, with starting bids as low as £2.20 – although it’s unclear what sort of price they’ll get to by the end of the auction.

It’s certainly tempting but who knows how high the price could get in eight days? (Pic: eBay)

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The PlayStation 5 isn’t out in the UK yet, but there have already been reports of pre-orders being sold on eBay for as high as £7,000 , despite it normally costing £450 (with disc drive) or £360 (without disc drive).

With it now out in some regions, there are actual consoles being imported too. One can be shipped from Australia at a starting bid of roughly £5,535.

Since the PS5 isn’t region locked, you can buy a Canadian PS5 and still play UK games on it (Pic: eBay)

Another from Canada has a set price of roughly £1,016 and also includes a second DualSense controller.

A lot of these listings have been hit with very negative reviews, though it seems to mostly consist of people criticising the scalpers and encouraging others not to give them any money, as opposed to the products themselves.

The Xbox Series X/S is out now. The PlayStation 5 will launch in the UK on November 19 but has already launched outside of Europe.

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Read the full Article: PS5 and Xbox Series X eBay scalpers selling consoles for over £5,000

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