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Games Inbox: Zelda 35th anniversary plans, Ghost Of Tsushima 2 plans, and Hideo Kojima horror

What should Link get for his birthday? (pic: Nintendo)

The Friday Inbox wonders what the Fire Emblem 30th anniversary game will be, as one reader is very impressed by Scorn on Xbox Series X.

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So many birthdays Not a Fire Emblem fan particularly, but it’s interesting that Nintendo is obviously already gearing up for its 30th anniversary. Next year though is also the 35th anniversary of both Metroid and Zelda, so what are they going to do for that? Ordinarily I wouldn’t say 35 was an important milestone but since they made such a fuss about Super Mario Bros. surely they’re going to do the same for Zelda?

Except, actually it’s Mario’s 40th next year, so how they going to handle that as well? Nintendo may have overplayed this whole anniversary thing and now they’ve got all these games to cover and are still behind on their plans because of COVID.

Breath Of The Wild 2 might be finished for next year, so maybe they’ll just concentrate on that but I don’t think Metroid Prime 4 is going to be done before that. So will we see any more spin-offs or remakes instead? I’m not holding my breath, as Nintendo often forgets Metroid.

I have no idea what they’re going to do for Mario though. Is it too early for Super Mario Odyssey 2? I’d imagine so, and yet they haven’t got any more other games to port now. Maybe they’ll go with Super Mario Party 2 instead. Pinky

Fogging over Nice review of Doom Eternal’s DLC, GC, which I would generally agree with. I’m certainly not a fan of the platforming sections either and would hope they’d be removed rather than doubling down on them. It just all seems so out of place giving it’s never been a part of the series before and first person platforming never really works properly and Doom is no Mirror’s Edge.

It’s a weird choice but it doesn’t ruin the experience for me and neither does the dumb story, mostly because it never really lasts for long (I never read the codex so I’ve barely got any idea what’s going on).

It’s actually how much a game can get away with when the core gameplay is so solid. I guess it’s kind of related to the reader who was talking about how Ubisoft formula games are basically catnip for humans and it barely matters what else they do. Although I like the fact that Doom isn’t just fogging your brain, it’s just a ton of fun. Grackle

Definitive horror I’m not sure what to hope for from Hideo Kojima with his new ‘project’. Even as a fan I fear that he is getting a bit too full of himself and desperately needs someone to tell him no. He barely got this at Konami and now seems to have completely his own way with things at his own company. Which sounds like it’d be a good thing but I’m not sure. I think of George Lucas when he still had people telling him no with the original Star Wars and then when he could do whatever he wanted with the prequels…

I do admit I’d love to see what Kojima could do with a horror game. PT/Silent Hills is the real deal and I would’ve loved to see that completed. He immediately seemed to understand that the primary goal of a horror game should be to creep you out and scare you. Combat and even storytelling is secondary to get the atmosphere right and scaring the hell out of you. Based on PT I’m convinced Kojima could make the definitive next gen horror game.

On a similar note I regretfully have to agree with GC’s review of Amnesia: Rebirth so far. I’m four hours in and it’s just not gripping me like the first one. The puzzles are really annoying too. I’ve just spent too much of the game rooting through shelves and rattling closed doors to ever really get scared. Hammeriron

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No scorn for Scorn I’d started writing this with the intent of highlighting the Amico as my next possible games machine purchase, while I waited for some seriously good graphical output from either Microsoft or Sony to justify an early purchase.

Then I was alerted to a new Xbox Series X exclusive trailer for Scorn. It looks incredible; the detail, lighting, animations, and fog all far surpass Sony’s output to date – and the sound was phenomenal.

Bear in mind I’m listening on a Samsung S5, makes this all the more remarkable. It plays how The Medium’s cut scenes from the first reveal look, it’s that good. And to think it’s so early on in the console’s life cycle. Now where did I put that £450? Rob

Yo, Joe? Was wondering if GC is going to be reviewing the new G.I. Joe: Operation Blackout game? I hadn’t even heard of it until I saw a trailer and it’s already out apparently (and already been on sale on Xbox Live, which I guess probably speaks for itself). I can’t find a review online anywhere but the trailer looked so much like the cartoon/toys I had in my youth it peaked my interest.

Also, have to say The Falconeer looks like it could be the best launch game of the Xbox Series X. A Crimson Skies spiritual sequel (with giant birds not planes) has been mentioned, which instantly makes me interested, as that was one of my favourite OG Xbox games.

Keep up the good work! Parsonas

GC: Probably not. We got it in, but it doesn’t seem very good. We do want to review Transformers: Battlegrounds, which is out this week, but so far we’ve not been able to get hold of a copy.

Ninjutsu Begins I too felt that Ghost Of Tsushima was building up to a sort of origin story of ninjitsu and I’d be totally fine with that. I just hope the story for the next gen isn’t going to be the second Mongol invasion (a thing that did happen) as I felt the whole Mongol thing was the worst part of the game. They never really felt like a threat right form the beginning and I would’ve much rather been a wandering samurai performing good deeds and overthrowing some evil lord or another.

Although I’d welcome a more supernatural approach I don’t think they’re going to do that and so I’d prefer to see something that showed the everyday life of medieval Japan more. Instead of having everyone huddled in camps have them all about their business and you acting like a mix between a knight and a street judge.

I too was surprised by the original’s success but I think it was a good game and I certainly enjoyed it more than any Assassin’s Creed game. I just hope the sequel doesn’t get into a rut like those games and tries to push things forward. Hammeriron

Ataribox I was just wondering, GC, if you’ve heard anything yet about the new PC console hybrid, the Atari VCS 400/800? I see the base model is selling in the States for $399.

The price seems very steep to me; however the Atari VCS 800 does boast AMD Ryzen with Radeon graphics technology, 4K 60fps gaming, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi technology. Also, the new next gen controllers don’t look to bad either? JAH

GC: We’ve heard of it , but we’re still not sure we really see the point. For the same price you could get a Digital Edition PS5 or an Xbox Series S and change.

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Emblematic of Nintendo I’m not sure where Nintendo’s new fascination for time-limited games comes from or what benefit it has for them. Nintendo games always sell for years after release, that’s one of the things they’re famous for, so why try to condense that down to just six months? Have they got bills to pay or something?

Fire Emblem is just as peculiar as it’s a niche game but an important NES game that after March is just not going to be available anymore. Or is it going to be part of Nintendo Switch Online? How are people that paid for it going to feel about that? Or maybe it’ll be in some sort of compilation, but again what if you paid for it separately?

As usual, the simple answer is usually the right one with Nintendo and it will just disappear and people will just have to shrug their shoulders and carry on. I do wonder what the 30th celebration is going to be though. It seems much too early to expect a brand new game so maybe another remake? Maybe one of the others that hasn’t been translated yet. Does GC know which is meant to be the best? Onibee

GC: Genealogy Of The Holy War, a SNES game, was recently voted as the best of the series by Japanese gamers and it’s never been released in the West or had a remake.

Inbox also-rans Is it just me or did Tom Holland look kind of ridiculous dressed up as Nathan Drake in that photo? Wait another 10 years and he’d be great for the part but I just have no interest in the adventures of Young Nate. Especially if they’re just going to age down Elena and all the other characters to match him, which they blatantly are. Gofer

How does anyone get hold of a beta version of a (sort of) Nintendo game? Why do I get a feeling they’re now sitting at their computer with a couple of shuriken embedded in their chest? I really don’t understand how this happened. Cermap

GC: It may have been related to the gigaleak , it’s not clear. But you can bet Nintendo are going to be even more secretive after this.

This week’s Hot Topic The topic for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Cray, who asks how has the coronavirus changed how you play games this year?

Since the start of lockdown in March how has your approach to gaming changed? Have you played more games than usual and how many have you beaten? Have you taken more interest in parts of gaming you didn’t used to care about, like esports, or have you experimented with genres you wouldn’t normally play?

Has you overall time spent playing games increased or decreased and do you think you’ll return to your previous norm once all this is over?

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Read the full Article: Games Inbox: Zelda 35th anniversary plans, Ghost Of Tsushima 2 plans, and Hideo Kojima horror

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