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John Wick Hex video game coming to PS4 this May

John Wick Hex – not the sort of tie-in you’d expec (pic: Good Shepard)

One of the best licensed video games of recent years – and one of the most innovative strategy games – is coming to consoles next month.

John Wick Hex is not what you’d normally expect from a video game based on Keanu Reeve’s all-action movie franchise.

For a start it’s really good, which certainly goes against the grain for most licensed games, but it’s also essentially a strategy game, albeit a very fast-paced one that’s not quite like anything.

A single-person XCOM with a time limit gets somewhere close to how the game works, except it’s not really turn-based, as you merely the pause the action to take your move.

Unfortunately, the game doesn’t seem to have been much of a success when it was originally released last year, probably because of the rather weak, cartoon style graphics and the fact that up till now it’s only been on PC.

One of those problems has now been addressed though, as it’s coming to PlayStation 4 (there’s no mention of Xbox One or Switch) on 5 May. There’s no UK price yet but it’ll be $19.99 in the US, which is about £16.

The obvious problem with making a console version is that the controls were designed with a keyboard and mouse in mind, but hopefully the joypad alternative will work out.

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The original version was by Bithell Games, best known for avant-garde indie games such as Thomas Was Alone and Volume, so the whole project was absolutely not what you’d expect.

Keanu Reeves does not feature but you do get movie stars Ian McShane and Lance Reddick reprising their roles as Winston and Charon.

The game was also designed with the help of the film’s stunt crew, so despite what it sounds like the action is extremely authentic to the movies.

John Wick Hex – it plays better than it looks (pic: Good Shepard)

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