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Game Of Thrones: Beyond The Wall free game out now on iPhone

Maybe you can engineer a better ending (pic: Behaviour Interactive)

There’s a new Game Of Thrones out for iOS (and Android in April) giving you the chance to control the Night’s Watch yourself.

Given the response to the final season of the TV show it’s hard to imagine there’ll ever be a big budget video game tie-in. Perhaps something to do with the various spin-off shows that are planned but for now the only real option is mobile games, and there’s a new one out today.

Game Of Thrones: Beyond The Wall describes itself as a free-to-play strategy role-playing game, which certainly sounds ambitious. Although given that it’s free you can judge that for yourself without any risk of wasting anything other than your time.

It’s only out now on iOS, but an Android version will also be released on April 3. There’s no sign of it moving onto consoles or PC though.

The game’s story starts 48 years before the events of the show and revolves around the disappearance of Lord Commander Brynden, better known as Bloodraven, while he was ranging beyond the Wall.

As a result, you have to take over as commander of the Night’s Watch, with the ability to recruit most of the characters from the show, whether that makes much story sense or not.

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Beyond The Wall’s combat involves turn-based combat on grid-based maps, not dissimilar to Banner Saga , and there’s also a PvP option if you want to fight other players.

Of course, the worry with any free-to-play game is how much it’s going to gauge you with microtransactions, although Dead By Daylight developer Behaviour Interactive claim they aren’t pushed too heavily.

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