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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Warzone battle royale launch date is March claims source

Activision has teased Warzone but not announced it (pic: KeirzyHD)
Rumours suggest Modern Warfare’s 200-player battle royale mode will go live in just a few weeks, with a free-to-play version also planned.
Considering how many leaks there have been for it lately it’s easy to forget that officially Activision hasn’t even acknowledged that Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare has a battle royale mode .
Between the video teasers , datamining, blanked out menu options, and the fact that one fan managed to glitch their way into the map it’s pretty obvious that it is happening, but until now there’s never been any clue as to when.
The sheer number of leaks suggests it must be soon but according to website VGC it’s most likely to be Tuesday, 10 March.
Call Of Duty: Modern Warzone is just weeks away (pic: CaptainBadfoot)
When is the Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Warzone battle royale launch date?
According to their unnamed source the mode, believed to be called Warzone, is ‘at least a few weeks away’, with 10 March being the most likely as Tuesday is when Call Of Duty updates usually happen.
But as speculated, Warzone won’t just be a mode within Modern Warfare but will also be released as a free-to-play standalone game, much like Fortnite and Apex Legends.
That’s not how the Blackout mode worked in Black Ops 4, but allegedly the standalone version of Warzone will still share progression with the Modern Warfare battle pass, including using the same cosmetic items.
The standalone version of Warzone will also feature an option to buy the full version of Modern Warfare, with the battle royale being used as a way to tempt lapsed Call Of Duty players back into the fold.
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It should be pointed out that there’s no proof offered for any of this, but it does all match up with previous rumours and it certainly makes sense for Activision to launch the mode sooner rather than later.
This year’s new Call Of Duty will likely be announced round about May, but whether it will lead to a new mode and map at this time next year remains to be seen.
This is allegedly what the map looks like (pic: Ryan B.)
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