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Final Fantasy VII Remake will feature weapon system changes

This is one of the most iconic weapons in gaming (Pic: Square Enix)
Aside from the new story additions, Final Fantasy VII Remake will give Cloud and friends new weapons and skills that can be enhanced.
The release of Final Fantasy VII Remake , easily one of the most anticipated titles of the year, is crawling closer and closer, and there is still plenty we don’t know about it. While some fans may be speculating how differently the story will play out, the folks at Millenium have uncovered some interesting changes Square Enix have made to the game’s weapon system.
These details come from two screenshots that Square Enix unveiled a couple of months ago, and while it’s only two static images, there is quite a bit that can be gleaned from them.
For starters, the various weapons that Cloud and his companions can equip will do more than just deal damage. As we can see in theses images for Cloud’s Buster Sword, weapons appear to have their own skill trees. Not only does this mean that the weapons can be made stronger through use, but they will have an effect on their wielder as well.
There is a surprising amount of info in this one image (Pic: Square Enix)
Currently, the sword is at level 3, and it can be upgraded to level 5 by spending SP on it. It’s important not to get this mixed up with AP, which is what’s used to improve Materia – the accessories that can be equipped to weapons and provide passive buffs. Each level up most likely unlocks a new skill for that weapon, though it’s important to note that these skills will probably be locked to that weapon. So should Cloud switch out his Buster Sword, he will lose the attack and magic buffs that it provides.
It’s also shown that weapons have an ability that they provide whilst equipped. However, unlike the skills, they have a proficiency bar, which increases as the ability is used. If used enough times, the ability will then become a permanent fixture for that character, meaning they can use it even without the original weapon equipped. This means that players will probably be encouraged to swap out their party’s weapons regularly so as to unlock more abilities for them to use.
Becoming proficient with abilities will apparently make them permanent (Pic: Square Enix via Millenium)
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It’s been noted that weapons cover offensive and defensive stats as well, which could mean that armour and rings have been completely removed from the remake. There is nothing to confirm this, but it would be an interesting change and possibly help streamline the game.
Another noticeable change regards the Materia slots. In the original game, the Buster Sword only offered two slots, but in the second screenshot’s top left-hand corner, there is clearly a third additional one. This suggests that weapons can unlock more of these slots, which in turn will help improve the party’s stats even further. At this time, though, it’s not clear how these extra slots are obtained.
Final Fantasy VII Remake will launch on PlayStation 4 on 3 March.

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