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Minecraft Bedrock Edition out this week with PS4 crossplay

Sony is finally embracing Minecraft crossplay (pic: Microsoft)
It looks like Sony has finally given in when it comes to crossplay on Minecraft, with a new Bedrock Edition coming to PS4 this week.
Sony has never been keen on cross-play – the ability to play the same game with other people even if they’re using different consoles. As far as they’re concerned everyone should be playing on the PlayStation 4 and they don’t want to even acknowledge the existence of rivals.
But their position has slowly mellowed over time, with games such as Fortnite and Rocket League allowing for crossplay and now, apparently, Minecraft as well.
Of course, the problem with Minecraft is that it’s owned by Microsoft, but leaked images of a new retail edition called Minecraft Bedrock Edition suggest Sony has finally relented.

So some time before the end of the holiday season this is a thing you can expect to see on sale (already piling up in stores)
— Andrew (Toycat) (@ibxtoycat) December 6, 2019

Sony hasn’t announced anything yet, so this could be the world’s most elaborate and pointless hoax (and god knows we’ve had a few of those), but with a new State of Play livestream due tomorrow it seems very likely it’ll be announced then.
Multiple fans online have posted pictures of the box, which is supposedly in stores now, ready to be put up on shelves, and it clearly describes what’s needed for crossplay to work (basically a Microsoft account).
There was also a listing on Best Buy for a short time, before it was taken down, in what has been an all-round terrible attempt to keep the secret.
But assuming all this is true then from this week you’ll be able to play Minecraft together with friends no matter whether they’re playing on an Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, or Android device.
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State of Play is Sony’s equivalent to a Nintendo Direct and has frequently been used to announce new games and services.
The next one is due to take place on Tuesday, 10 December and it’s now widely expected to feature the first public unveiling of the Resident Evil 3 remak e, since it’s been confirmed it won’t be at The Game Awards on Friday.

Best buy now showing what looks to be Minecraft PS4 Bedrock as "Coming soon" release 10th December (next week) credit @ITZZ_AgentH14 link:
— Scott (ECKOSOLDIER) (@eckoxsoldier) December 6, 2019

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Read the full Article: Minecraft Bedrock Edition out this week with PS4 crossplay

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