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PlayStation VR 2 wireless headset revealed in new Sony patent

PlayStation VR looks like it’s going next gen too (pic: LetsGoDigital)
Newly discovered Sony patents seem to show designs for a next gen PSVR 2 headset for the PlayStation 5, with new controllers too.
One thing Sony didn’t mention during its recent revelations about the PlayStation 5 is anything to do with VR, but a new patent seems to point towards plans for a brand-new headset.
VR technology ages more quickly than even games consoles and the current PlayStation VR suffers from a low resolution and some very sub-par motion controls.
The new patent discovered by LetsGoDigital suggests Sony is looking to address all that in their new version though, with new controllers and a Bluetooth wireless headset.
Sony is definitely thinking about a new headset (pic: LetsGoDigital)
Oculus Quest already proves that wireless headsets are viable at a relatively low cost, so the idea of PlayStation VR without any wires is immediately appealing.
The patent also describes the headset as having two front and one rear camera, plus an additional camera on the controllers. Exactly what these are for isn’t clear, although it does mean you will, like the Oculus headsets, be able to instantly switch to a view that shows your surroundings when you have the headset on.
It also has obvious applications for AR, rather than just VR, and while it’s not mentioned we’d be very surprised if the new headset didn’t allow for proper roomscale tracking like the Oculus Quest – allowing you to move around in a large virtual space rather than just sitting or standing.
Apart from anything, the prospect of new controllers is enough to get excited about on its own, as the current PlayStation Move wands are very imprecise and weren’t even originally designed with VR in mind, but instead were created for Sony’s answer to Kinect way back in 2010.
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LetsGoDigital are the same Dutch site that discovered the patent for the PlayStation 5 dev kit and created a 3D render of it, which they recently updated based on new information.
But as with any patent there’s no guarantee that it will be turned into a final product, even if the idea of a new headset does seem inevitable.
The only thing Sony has said in connection with PlayStation 5 and VR is that the current headset will work with the new console. But it’s been widely assumed there will be a new version of the technology as well, and this patent seems to be evidence of that.
The PS5 dev kit in rendered form (pic: LetsGoDigital)
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