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Games Inbox: PlayStation 5 launch games, Ghost Recon Breakpoint bugs, and GRID vs. Project CARS 2

Sony takes one step closer to PlayStation 9
The Wednesday Inbox is upset it’s never found a Nintendo PlayStation in a box of junk, as readers stick up for Super Mario Run.
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Engine start
So Sony has admitted it’s called the PlayStation 5 and has started the motor on the next gen hype machine. I’m excited! Good I say, this generation is starting to stagnate and while I doubt the graphics technology will improve that much something needs to encourage publishers to create more new IP and that’s clearly not going to happen now without new consoles.
And as boring as it sounds on paper I’m really excited about the use of SSDs and what that will do about load times. That Bluepoint guy is dead right about cartridge load times and what that used to mean and I’d love to get back to those days. It could really change things up and that to me is more exciting than slightly better reflections or whatever ray-tracing is.
But the most important thing is, of course, the games. I don’t know when they’re going to start talking about that but that’s when the hype will really kick in for me, and I’m hoping for a good mixture of beloved franchises and new IP. Horizon Zero Dawn 2 and God of War 2 plus two or three big budget new franchises in the first year would be right about perfect. Let’s see if we get there.


Holding back
Pretty excited to think I’ll be playing on new, seemingly very powerful, hardware this time next year.
Normally I would be hesitant to buy on day one but backwards compatibility and Game Pass make it a much more palatable purchase.
Essentially, I will have plenty to play on the new machines on day one, with minimal extra expense beyond the initial hardware purchase.
With a large PlayStation 4 back catalogue and Game Pass Ultimate for peanuts until November 2020 I’ve decided to hold back the last games of this gen to play on the next gen, hopefully with performance/visual upgrades out of the box or through patches.
When I think I used to have to save two months’ paper round money to buy a SNES cartridge for 50-60 quid, admittedly in large part to Nintendo’s obscene cut, it makes me realise gaming is more affordable these days.


Insufficient input
I’m honestly not trying to be a downer but is there any point in being excited for the release of the PlayStation 5 next year? I can pretty much predict that it will be mostly just remasters of Sony PlayStation 4 exclusives, along with games like Cyberpunk 2077 and Doom Eternal.
There will no doubt be one or two PlayStation 5 games, but they’ll just be slightly better looking PlayStation 4 games with the ‘real’ next-geners releasing one or two years after launch. I am more than happy to be proven wrong though, but I can’t help feeling rather pessimistic.
GC: Maybe it will, maybe it won’t. There is literally no information on the games line-up at the moment. Also, the scenario you’re describing would’ve discounted Zelda: Breath Of The Wild as nothing to get excited about.

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Physical sin
Any word on when the physical version of Divinity: Original Sin II is coming out? I really want to play the game but as it’s a style I have never really tried before and there are a few things, like the tactical gameplay that I’m not 100% sure I will enjoy. I want to get an actual copy rather than the download so that I have the option to trade it in if it doesn’t click for me.
I’m not on Twitter but I’ve been checking Larian’s page every few days, hoping for an announcement but nothing yet.
I would have thought they might want to get into the shops before the release of Baldur’s Gate III and the like, which I believe is only a few weeks away.
Any insider knowledge?
GC: Baldur’s Gate III isn’t going to be out for probably several years. Larian have hinted they’re working on a physical release but to our knowledge it hasn’t been announced yet.


Nothing but junk
It stuns me that Super Mario Run failed, as people seem to think it’s too expensive at £10. Presumably those same people then spend £34.99 (for the ‘best’ value of course) for some stupid bag of diamonds or whatever. Mario Kart Tour uninstalled. Technically impressive though.
Also, that guy with the Nintendo PlayStation – I’d love to know how he got his hands on it. Apparently it was in a box of junk. I checked through a box of junk in my garage and I couldn’t find anything like that. All I found was a broken kettle, a huge spider which ran up my arm, and the realisation that I could scream really loudly when huge spiders run up my arm. There was no Virtual Boy prototype made by Clive Sinclair or anything. Still, anyone want to buy a broken kettle with a dead spider living in it? £1 million to you sir. A steal.
Note, whereas the author indeed hates spiders, he does in fact possess a spider vacuum and does not condone the killing, violence towards, conversations with, or eating of spiders.
GC: The implication has been that a relative used to work at Sony during the time they were partnering with Nintendo. Which is so close to the old ‘My uncle works at Nintendo’ concept that it just makes the story even better.


Good vs. good
Interesting review of GRID 2019!
It sounds pretty good, but I have some serious reservations myself.
Firstly, that track list – 13 circuits? Is that it? Now I’m not interested in made-up circuits, and I really have an active dislike of claiming a reverse circuit is a different configuration. No, it isn’t. Some circuits (Silverstone for example) do have multiple configurations, but reverse is not one of them!
Compared to Project CARS 2’s 40+ only having 13 circuits is sparse. And missing the mighty Spa, the ultrafast Monza, and the fan favourite Nordschleife are kind of deal breakers for me.
Secondly, the review says it has the best handling of this generation. The review mentions both Forza and Gran Turismo, but I want to know how it handles compared to Project CARS 2 or Asseto Corsa? Is it a sim or a sim-cade? And the weather, how does it compare to Project CARS 2’s dynamic weather system?
Will the review be updated once multiplayer is up and running? I’m a huge fan of multiplayer in racing so it would be good to know how this works. What are the lobbies like? Is the community respectful and fair, or will they ram you off the road given half a chance? Do you need to unlock cars in single-player or are they available from the off? This is important because I probably wouldn’t touch the single-player mode a lot.
One thing I am pleased about is no modding! If I’m racing, I want cars in the same class to be just that. Modding is very different to adjustable set-ups.
I guess my real question is, is it better than Project CARS 2, as this is my go-to online racer. Based on the review I’m not sure it is.
Thanks for your work guys! Always my go-to for video games.
Keep up the good work.
GC: Thanks. Codemasters is implying that there will be more circuits to come, but it’s probably always going to be on the low side. In our opinion it does have the best handling but obviously Project CARS 2 is good as well, so it’s all going to be a little subjective at that level. If you like racing games as much as it sounds like you do we can’t imagine you wouldn’t like GRID.


Minor mistake
I’d like to point out a major mistake in your review of Ghost Recon Breakpoint, saying this time you can be female. You can actually be female in Wildlands too.
What you didn’t mention about the game is that it was very much Far Cry: Auroa and in my opinion not a follow-up to Wildlands.
The main character is out of proportion with silly, small legs and a massively huge torso. The dislikes really do roll off the tongue with this game, so after the last open beta I contacted Microsoft and they refunded me for the total of the game (and pass) and I will not be owning this game until the price is more down to earth and more affordable.
The game is not worth the £95 I paid for it and hopefully Ubisoft will be regretting putting such a high price tag on such a game.
GC: We’re not sure we’d classify that as a major mistake.

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Beyond breaking point
Two years ago I wrote a piece on Ghost Recon: Wildlands , frustrated at the game’s litany of errors and broken promises, finding comfort in stripping away the support aids implemented in the game and enjoying it in its most base way. When you gents released your review I was disheartened, the studio ‘seemed’ to have gone to great pains to present Breakpoint as the answer to all the frustrations and criticisms of Wildlands, presenting a raw, brutal survivalist title; the studio’s DayZ homage, perhaps.
Instead, you can’t help but feel Ubisoft have done what they seemingly are in habit of doing, merging all their games into a singular experience. If a Ubi open world formula were a drinking game, you’d be floored long before you crossed off herb-crafting, stealth lite dynamics, base hubs, microtransactions, and terrible narratives. Which is painting over the fact Breakpoint is a bug-riddled game; mercifully nothing that has broken the experience but there is only so many times you can take off in a helicopter with a group of players before staring aghast as they appear to be floating in the air.
I wish I could say this was the exception to the rule but it’s now become a running joke of who will develop this unique superpower, to float at speed through the air in a confirmatory sitting and braced upright position.
The most fun we’ve had in this game has come from the moments we’ve gone off script, so to speak. The game seems to push you and punish you if you try to play it in the spirit of the series, with a seeming pleasure in using drones and helicopters to instigate conflict and bathe you in chaos. Whatever lessons they learned from the omnipresent Unidad in Wildlands seem to have evaporated with drones, so many drones.
We’ve long abandoned playing the game the way we wanted to – in keeping with the earlier Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six titles – and that is a genuine shame. Perhaps, as a studio, you just wish they would bypass whatever titles they have in development and release their ultimate intention, a realistic Minecraft title: UbiCraft.
Let the user base use their admittedly impressive tools and pre-set open worlds and create their own stories and campaigns. Pay to download skins of your favourite Assassins or Ghost Recon operators, because the narrative, script and story in Breakpoint is terrible. Fun, in a wy but it genuinely feels insulting to pay for a release severely riddled with issues, a damaged canvas you can only hope will be restored to something resembling a crayoned drawing.
ATBonfire (Facebook/WordPress/Twitter)
Ghost Recon Breakpoint – you’ll believe a man can fly


Inbox also-rans
That guy describing Super Mario Run as an endless runner has clearly not played it. That’s just one mode, the main one is a set of levels that are very much in the traditional Mario style and much more involved than I would’ve expected given the simple control system.
My son has an original Switch and I’m thinking about getting one too so I’m wondering, do they use download play the same way that the DS did or would we both have to have a copy of the game to play multiplayer? Keep up the grand work.
GC: Most games require you to have another copy. You can share that copy remotely for single-player, if the other person is not currently playing a digital game, but not for multiplayer.
Your Inbox page has been virtually unreadable on my mobile for about a year. The page skips up and down, leading me to losing my place every few seconds. I think it may be due to the ads but I’m not sure. Just wanted to let you know in case others have this too and something can be done about it.
GC: You should’ve said something earlier. We’ve had a few similar reports this week and are already trying to get things fixed. If anyone ever has technical problems with the site just write in and we can usually do something about it.
If you vote on the Golden Joystick Awards website you can get a free bookazine from one of the following choices: Edge The Annual 2019, PC Gamer Annual, The Ultimate Guide to Minecraft, The Complete Guide to
Fortnite, Retro Gamer Annual, or A Hideo Kojima Book. My choice is Retro Gamer. Here’s the link.
Andrew J.


This week’s Hot Topic
The subject for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Alek Kazam, who asks the age-old question of which is best: the Mega Drive or SNES?
With the Mega Drive Mini having just been released and the Classic Mini SNES already out it’s never been easier to play each format’s best games, but which line-up of games do you think is the best? And which console do you prefer in terms of the controllers and general aesthetic?
Which do you think are the best games on each (or just your favourite) system and how do they stand up today and in comparison to similar titles on their rival? Which, if any, console did you have at the time and has your opinion on it changed over time?
E-mail your comments to: [email protected]

The small print
New Inbox updates appear twice daily, every weekday morning and afternoon. Readers’ letters are used on merit and may be edited for length.
You can also submit your own 500 to 600-word 4Player viewer features at any time, which if used will be shown in the next available weekend slot.
You can also leave your comments below and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter .
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