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PlayStation 5 tech specs reveal hardware-accelerated ray-tracing and 4K Blu-ray

The PlayStation 5 is becoming a little mysterious every day
The details on Sony’s next gen console continue to trickle out, with more on the new UI, SSD usage, and possibly a new Bluepoint remake.
Sony has spoken in more detail about the technical abilities of the newly named PlayStation 5 , confirming that the console will not only support ray-tracing but will do so at the hardware level, increasing the likelihood that a significant proportion of games will use it and that the effect will be more technically advanced than only doing it via software.
Ray-tracing is set to be a major new feature of the next generation and renders reflections much more realistically than anything possible on current consoles, with only a few PC games currently supporting the feature.
Sony has already talked about plans for the new DualShock 5 controller but allowed a reporter from Wired to be the first to actually use a prototype version. The new article also focuses on the PlayStation 5’s SSD – which it’ll use instead of a traditional hard drive – and support for 4K Blu-ray discs.

For unexplained reasons Sony chose not to support 4K Blu-rays with the PS4 Pro, even though the Xbox One X does, but the PlayStation 5 will definitely be able to play them.
That means that games will also be able to use 100GB Blu-ray discs, although installation will be mandatory – so it’s really just for storage.
PlayStation 5 system architect Mark Cerny spent the most time talking about the console’s SSD (solid-state drive) which should greatly improve loading times on next gen games, although he failed to say how big the SSD would be.
Instead he talked about how it would help to improve the user interface, so that you have a much more dynamic UI where you can see what’s going on in a game, including online activities, without having to start it up.
The way the SSD works will also make it easy to install only certain segments of a game, such as its multiplayer or single-player, and chop and change them as you wish.
A new render of what the PS5 dev kit supposedly looks like (pic: LetsGoDigital)
There wasn’t any new detail on the PlayStation 5’s processors though, just confirmation that the CPU is based on AMD’s Ryzen line and the GPU is based on the Navi family of chips.
Perhaps the most interesting quote in the article though comes from Marco Thrush, president of Bluepoint Games – the developer behind the Shadow Of The Colossus remake .
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‘The SSD has me really excited,’ said Thrush. ‘You don’t need to do gameplay hacks anymore to artificially slow players down – lock them behind doors, anything like that. Back in the cartridge days, games used to load instantly; we’re kind of going back to what consoles used to be.’
What exactly Bluepoint are working on at the moment is a mystery, as they mentioned a major new remake some time ago and have never said what it is.
Their presence at such an important PlayStation 5 event though suggests that whatever it is, it may well end up being a launch title…

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