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Leaked PS5 dev kit images were real, but what does the PlayStation 5 look like?

A new render of what the PS5 dev kit supposedly looks like (pic: LetsGoDigital)
The dev kit that developers use to make PS5 games really does have a giant ‘V’ carved into it, as a new render of the device is released.
It always seemed pretty likely, but as Sony confirms their next gen console really is called the PlayStation 5, we also now know that the images of the dev kit are legit.
Sketched images of the development kit first appeared in an online patent, which were turned into 3D renders by website LetsGoDigital – who have now updated them to match details appearing in a new Wired article.
Wired has been the first to get to play the PlayStation 5, although not any new games, and in their report they mention that the devkit they were using looks ‘a lot like’ the leaked images.
Will the real PlayStation 5 look like this? (pic: LetsGoDigital)
Devkits rarely look like the actual consumer version of the console though and can range from everything from an anonymous looking desktop PC to the infamous big giant ‘X’ of the original Xbox.
That being so, Wired asked what the actual PlayStation 5 looked like, but Sony refused to say whether it was in any way similar to the devkit.
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Other developers, such as a Codemasters employee who quickly deleted his tweet, have also confirmed that the devkit image is real but that doesn’t really help with trying to guess the console’s appearance.
Although, let’s face it, based on the long history of video game console design it’s almost certainly just going to be a big black box.
Perhaps the only useful question raised by the devkit is whether that big ‘V’ shape will be on the consumer version, and if Sony will actually be referring to it as the PlayStation V – as in the Roman numeral.
This is the original patent image (pic: LetsGoDigital)
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