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Games Inbox: Borderlands 3 fan impressions, the best Zelda games, and God Of War 2 reveal

Borderlands 3 – what’s your verdict?
The Wednesday Inbox is worried that Remedy’s Control seems to have been a flop, as one reader is unimpressed by Gears 5’s ending.
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Player consensus
I have to agree that Borderlands 3 is exactly what you’d expect, in terms of the game and GC’s review. I can’t disagree with anything really although as a fan I do enjoy the comedy bits, although I admit that there hasn’t been anything super funny so far, as much as the other games.
The action is definitely better though and I’m looking forward to seeing the other worlds. What bothers me though is what all the review secrecy was about. Especially once we found out they weren’t even the finished versions American sites were reviewing on PC.
And why was it only American and Europe websites? I think it’s because British sites, like GC, Eurogamer, and Videogamer have a reputation for much more honest reviews than anyone else and would be much more likely to mark it down.
And yet I don’t think anyone’s calling it a bad game, just a predictable one that hasn’t changed much since last time. I’ll be curious to see what the consensus becomes for it over the time and what other readers think of it so far.


Moving on
Thanks for the comprehensive review of Borderlands 3, GC, which basically confirms your initial impressions from the previews: very little real change outside the gunplay and really bad humour. That’s certainly the impression I’ve got from reading other credible (to me) sources and watching the videos and to be honest I’m not sure I’m going to pick it up anymore.
It did seem a dead cert at first but I’ve become less and less impressed by the changes they’ve made as they’ve come to light. I might pick it up during Black Friday but to be honest the other big problem is that the mates I used to play the last one with don’t really game anymore, or at least not enough to be able to play properly.
I think that’s a forgotten problem with waiting so long for a new game – people have moved on and you can’t just pick up again where you left off in terms of multiplayer. As was said, it doesn’t seem a game worth getting angry about but I think I’ll just skip it for now and not add to my backlog.


Ranking the Zeldas
Having already pre-ordered Zelda: Link’s Awakening for this coming Friday, I thought I’d play through A Link To The Past over the weekend as I’ve also never played this incarnation of The Legend Of Zelda before. I can thank my Sega Mega drive owning days for that one!
I thought it would be a good time to acclimatise to the top-down perspective of the upcoming game by playing through the story that comes before Link’s Awakening in the Zelda timeline, featuring the same Link.
Having now got to Ganon in A Link To The Past, and seeing all the game that came before it, I will say that the SNES game still holds up incredibly well to this day; some of the dungeon sections being a highlight (minus that Moldorm boss, he was a total pain!). I think if I’d have played this in the early ‘90s I’d have been blown away with it.
By looking at people’s top 10 Zelda games on the Internet I’ve been trying to get a feel of how well received Link’s Awakening is among fans. It seems to be teetering around the middle of people’s most fond of Zelda experiences. I’m just hoping I get along with it this Friday. A Zelda that isn’t set in Hyrule will be a change of scenery for me after playing so much of Breath Of The Wild this year.
Nick The Greek
GC: It’s certainly higher than mid-table for us. You should also check out the surprisingly good A Link To The Past sequel A Link Between Worlds on 3DS.

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Victim of circumstances
So it seems pretty obvious at this point that Control was a flop. Really gutted for Remedy as I loved the game and thought it was very interesting. I hope this doesn’t make Alan Wake 2 less likely but I’m afraid it probably does. It’ll probably make them less appealing to publishers in general too, as they haven’t had a hit in a while now.
There wasn’t much marketing for it but the biggest problem is just that age old mistake: a stupid release date. One of four or more major games that week that immediately went to the bottom of most people’s list, especially as Astral Chain ended up being a much better reviewed third person action game.
One day companies will learn to stop doing this, but apparently not yet.


Double whammy
Does anyone think that the fact we haven’t heard anything about Horizon Zero Dawn 2 and God Of War 2 (or whatever they call it) makes it likely that they’ll be PlayStation 5 launch games? Obviously they’re not going to be on PlayStation 4 but could either or both of them be launch games?
If God Of War is part of a new trilogy I can’t imagine they’ll want to wait around too long between games and Horizon Zero Dawn was a good while ago now, so work should be pretty far advanced. Imagine those two coming out at the same time as the new console! Sony would be off to an amazing start before you even started talking about third party games and remasters of current gen stuff.
Either way, I hope we start hearing about God Of War 2 soon. The last one was my favourite game of the generation so far and I can’t wait to see where the story’s going from where it left off.
Taylor Moon


Sonic Mania Minus
RE: Sonic Mania. I was looking forward to this game more than almost any other I can recall, even buying the collector’s edition with a decorative Mega Drive cartridge and talking Sonic statue. But I only got as far as the fifth zone (out of a dozen or so).
The main problem for me is the time limit. 10 minutes rarely seemed tight in the old games (only if I kept going the wrong way in Sandopolis Act 2) but these levels feel bigger and more challenging, so I frequently ran out of time. This also discouraged exploration, which given the creativity of the level design seems a real shame.
I’ll admit there’s an element of being spoilt by modern conveniences. Returning to the beginning of a zone’s first act after losing my three lives in Act 2 became a disincentive to play on, so eventually this much anticipated game fell by the wayside in favour of easier rides like Dark Souls.
If they’d patched in a Slowcoach mode that removed or extended the time limit I’d have not only had the pleasure of experiencing the full game but would probably have double-dipped on Sonic Mania Plus.
Dynamite Headdy
GC: Sonic Mania Plus’s extra content can be purchased as DLC for £3.99, since there’s not that much of it.


Initial Pass
Since Hideo Kojima is already defending (not very well) against accusations that Death Stranding is a walking sim I’ve got severe doubts it’s going to be something I’ll enjoy. I agree that we should be glad that it’s being made and such a weird thing is getting such a big budget but I’m already pretty sure it’s not for me.
If Sony did do their version of Game Pass I would give it a go on that though. I really can’t imagine they wouldn’t at this point and with their much bigger number of first person exclusives that is going to create a lot of value for money for lucky gamers.

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Midgar city guide
An interesting read about all the differences in the Final Fantasy VII Remake , especially the Wutai war that actually seems to be possibly happening as you play the new game – as opposed to just hearing about it in the PS1 original.
Got to admit that out of a variety of sub-plots I could have imagined from the game, I did not expect them to delve deeper into the wartime one. With most of the action happening in Midgar for the first part of the remake, I can think of a few other intriguing situations that could be extended upon.
To be honest, there are a lot of small side-quests in the Midgar sector slums alone. For example, the Honey Bee Inn and some of the unusual choices in there once you have the members card. Also, the meeting of a possible Sephiroth/J.E.N.O.V.A clone in a Sector 5 township living in a pipe or something. I think there was supposed to have been a larger storyline regarding this clone, but due to time restrictions it was not extended upon. But now could be a very good time to explore this character a little deeper.
They say that most of Midgar can be explored which is pretty impressive and getting around on the train network will be fun, seeing more of the top side of the city. There are a lot of things which could be explored here, like the SOLDIER barracks with the shopping, business, and industrial districts looking like fantastic places to visit also. When the camera zooms away from the city in the opening sequence, you notice a lot of detail in each section of the city and if all that is to be expanded upon and explored properly, then you could literally get involved in a great many new back stories and side quests.
Midgar originally took me around six hours to complete and when you do manage to get out of the city the quest has only just begun! We have the whole of Gaia next, all leading up to the Northern Cave and everything in-between. How much budget will be thrown into the rest of the world with all its various towns and villages, key storyline locations and other places of interest like the Shinra Mansion in Nibelheim?
The Zack Fair storyline there, which I believe was supposed to be expanded upon when you reach the place where he used to live with his parents in Gongaga village, was cut short due to time restraints. Of course, don’t forget the Vincent Valentine and Lucrecia/Sephiroth/Hojo optional storyline at some point which, could be a main plot point now.
I just hope that the first part of the remake is successful enough for the rest of this mammoth game to be justified. I would be most gutted if Square Enix have taken on more than they can chew or maybe rushing through the rest of the remake. Only time will tell but, boy, I can’t wait to see what the first part will be like and returning to this gaming world which has captivated me for so many of my years.


Inbox also-rans
Any idea when we might find out about Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 2 some more? The less we hear the more I think it’s going to be years till its out.
GC: Who can tell with Nintendo, but in recent years they’ve been pretty consistent about showing off major new games at The Game Awards in December.
I didn’t really want to get into the Gears 5 debate but despite overall enjoying the game the ending is terrible. Awful boss and then the final cut scene starts so suddenly I thought something had gone wrong. And it had, just not technically.


This week’s Hot Topic
The subject for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Grando, who asks you to imagine the dream sequel you’d love to see.
It can be for a game that hasn’t had a sequel in decades or one that regularly gets them, but you’re never quite satisfied with. What are the most important features you’d like to see and what about the graphics, art style, and story?
How similar is your idea to the direction of the franchise at the moment and how likely do you think it is that they could do something similar for real?
E-mail your comments to: [email protected]

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