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Games Inbox: Nintendo’s best ever console, Deadly Premonition 2 surprise, and the return of Kyle Katarn

Is this Nintendo’s best ever console?
The Friday Inbox is fed up at Gears 5 fanboys arguing about reviews, as one reader wants a Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance video game.
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Console GOAT
That Nintendo Direct was really good, I don’t think anyone would deny it. A great spread of games that was at least 50% third party and with a bunch of exclusives like Deadly Premonition 2, Doom 64, and Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE that are completely different from each other and just about anything else out that.
Much like Bayonetta 2, Deadly Premonition 2 is a sequel that only exists because Nintendo backed it and I think that’s great. And who else would devote such time to games like Return Of The Obra Dinn or Divinity: Original Sin II? Sony almost completely ignores indies nowadays but Nintendo has stuck with them even when it has a lot of its own games and doesn’t necessarily need them.
The great line-up this Christmas and coming off the fantastic Astral Chain… it made me start to think that maybe the Switch is Nintendo’s best ever console. Certainly one of the best and therefore one of the best ever. It’s only been going just over two years but it’s got an amazing line-up of all time classics and although the releases are not very well spaced out they’re almost always worth waiting for.
And such diversity: action, adventure, role-playing games, racing, puzzle… it not only has it all but actually bothers to promote it too. If it keeps this up for another two or three years I think it’s going to be undeniable that this is Nintendo at their best.


Playing favourites
That Nintendo Direct was really good.
A Switch port of either Return Of The Obra Dinn or Divinity: Original Sin II would have cemented this as my favourite Direct yet, let alone both. And a sequel too Deadly Premonition as well! That is two pieces of wish fulfilment and a pleasant surprise.
Luigi’s Mansion 3 also looks better every time I see it and it is inevitable that I will buy Dragon Quest XI S at some point too.
I never did finish Xenoblade Chronicles, which has been one of my long-term gaming regrets, so a port of that is also welcome.


The Force works in mysterious ways
Finally! At last! The game every Switch owner has been clamouring for! Jedi Knight II is coming!
Wait. What?
That was an odd left field decision. That and Deadly Premonition coming to the system really makes me feel no game is out of the realms of possibility for a Switch port now.
I really enjoyed that Direct, I am very excited Return Of The Obra Dinn is coming and astonished they’ve crammed Divinity: Original Sin II on there. Though I’ll wait for a price cut on that as it’s £45 vs. the £20ish on the other systems.
They really crammed so many games in to the 40 minutes that I keep remembering things that got announced and thinking ‘Oh yeah, that too’.
The initial line up of SNES titles is very strong and I’m tempted to get another wireless SNES pad to have an official one to go with my 8BitDo one. That’s childhood nostalgia at work right there.
Ending on Xenoblade Chronicles felt a bit flat for me, but I know people who are very excited about it so, different strokes and such.
But mainly, Return Of The Obra Dinn is coming! Hurrah!
Euclidian Boxes
GC: Jedi Academy is also coming out later this year. It’s all very odd. Either it’s meant to drum up interest in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (but if so, why Switch and PlayStation 4 instead of Xbox One?) or it’s a convoluted way to get Kyle Katarn back into Star Wars canon.

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Great British Pokémon
Well, that was a nice Nintendo Direct, I’m very excited at the prospect of Deadly Premonition 2 (and finally getting around to playing the first one), and I’m definitely going to finally get an online subscription to get some portable SNES games.
Though I still have my reservations about the new Pokémon games, I love the fact that they are accurately capturing the British love of curry, tea, and double entendres.
Also, if someone doesn’t combine, ‘You are cordially invited to smash’ with Reggie Fils-ame saying ‘My body is ready’ then the Internet has failed.
Joseph Dowland
GC: Also, you could see the shops sold a wide variety of trousers.


Predictable complaints
RE: Gears 5. Once again, after an exclusive review, the fanboys were out talking childish nonsense as per usual. Why does this always happen when in general the comments section isn’t too bad (with a couple of exceptions)? These people arguing about the score a video game gets are, tragically, middle-aged men (who indeed seem to be the biggest moaners about everything concerned with video games).
Also why are the people who go on about not caring about the review score the same people who moan the most when a particular game gets a score the don’t agree with! I usually enjoy the comments section but the fanboys are tiresome and I am going to stop reading them.
GC: We’re not sure how anyone can disagree or agree with it yet, considering they haven’t played it.


Never surrender
Regarding the gaming world’s impressions of Cyberpunk 2077, I’m not sure everyone has actually been almost 100% positive. I’ve read accounts that say the hacking ability just seems like Watch Dogs again and isn’t particularly involved. If the actual combat and the driving are unsatisfying, the game will still have a lot of convincing to do, regardless of how much detail there is in the environments (as if Red Dead Redemption II didn’t recently demonstrate that).
I’m not one to care that much about story and character in a lot of games but I’m also already pretty tired of the way the previews only seem to depict obnoxious badasses that are all just very nasty people. If the whole game is like that, it’ll just be tiresome and labouring the point well beyond what’s necessary. I appreciate the characters need to represent the setting but a little bit of Blade Runner style quiet dignity, or at least someone you can come close to liking, would be welcome.
Not to say I’ve already decided I won’t like it and there’s nothing wrong with surrendering yourself to the hype every now and again, but I’ll at least be waiting for reviews before I get too excited.


Instant magic
After watching the quite frankly superb new Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance series on Netflix, I’ve been left wanting to explore and emerge myself in the world any more. The series is rich on lore but it’s only partly explained in the series/original film.
I would love to see a game based on the series – perhaps a role-playing game, even a point ‘n’ click adventure. Anything to learn more about the world and the amazing characters in it!
Inbox magic, make it happen!
GC: Your wish is our command. There’s no release date but it is supposed to be out this year.

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I took a punt on Crash Team Racing last week, and made a purchase on the Switch, and I’m really enjoying it. It’s the closest anything has come to being like Diddy Kong Racing’s adventure mode, which I used to love back in the day on the N64. If anyone else is on the fence because it won’t live up to Mario Kart standards then they should take a chance like me. I’ve always been a bit put off because I know it won’t be as good as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe but it’s different enough to justify being around. I don’t think the microtransactions are a deal breaker either but I’m not the kind of person that will start buying cosmetic items anyway.
I pre-ordered Ninja Saviors: Return Of The Warriors after reading your advanced review. It hadn’t been on my radar and I never played the old version but it’s excellent and totally different to any other scrolling beat ‘em-up I’ve played. The closest I came to it is probably the old Kung Fu Master on the arcade, which would be a very simplified version of it. The characters are so different it’s worth playing the game multiple times even if it is quite short. I found it tough going on my first playthrough. offering up quite a challenge and that was only on medium difficulty.
To the person who wrote in about how to get a hold of the rare amiibo (not sure which ones exactly they were calling rare after the reprints but) I would start by checking out hotdealsuk amiibo on a regular basis if you really want to collect them. They’re good at spotting the latest amiibo deals. It’s worked for me on many occasions. Some can be quite hard to get though and you really have to persevere with it. Amazon’s prices vary daily and weekly on the amiibo. Sometimes you just have to drop by and get lucky. Nintendo’s official store soon sell out, so if you’re not on the ball you’ll soon find yourself out of luck there.
GameCentral, you reviewed Torchlight II on the PC in 2012 and it’s just been released multiplatform over the last few days. Do you still stand by your 9/10 grade for it given it could have aged not so well in the last seven years? I’ve never played Diablo III but my friend speaks highly of it and you said at the time it’s a Diablo beater or words to that effect.
My last point is that I’m really looking forward to playing Smash Bros. later today with the Banjo and Kazooie DLC added. I think it’s really a great addition to the game. Terry Bogard was a nice surprise this morning too. The announcement of even more characters is music to my ears too, I think they’re great and keep the game feeling fresh.
Nick The Greek
GC: As interesting as it all was please don’t write in with giant-sized letters about multiple different subjects. If everyone did that we’d have too few letters that were all too long, and never about a specific subject.


Inbox also-rans
Ben Wheatley directing a new Tomb Raider movie. I know I shouldn’t be but colour me interested.
Nintendo’s Direct are becoming legendary now, they’re really getting good at them. I’m excited for more Smash Bros. DLC just to see the little reveal videos. The SNK one was awesome!


This week’s Hot Topic
The subject for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Korbie, who asks what features immediately put you off a new video game?
It can be anything from what genre the game is to a relatively trivial element like the user interface or a mute main character but what puts you off a game instantly, no matter what the rest of it is like?
Are there specific settings, like sci-fi or zombies, that you always avoid or perhaps features like loot boxes or always-online play? What’s the most minor reason you’ve avoided a game and what’s the quickest you’ve ever given up on one?
E-mail your comments to: [email protected]

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Read the full Article: Games Inbox: Nintendo’s best ever console, Deadly Premonition 2 surprise, and the return of Kyle Katarn

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