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Games Inbox: Modern Warfare alpha Gunfight impressions, Yakuza love, and PlayStation Game Pass

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare – have you played the alpha?
The Morning Inbox is surprised to find more Microsoft than EA games on Switch, as one reader reports on the latest Uncharted movie walkout.
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Quick blast
Either it started early or I lucked out and got early access, but I managed to get a couple of hours in on the Gunfight alpha for Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare. For those that don’t know it’s a 2 vs. 2 mode, which is pretty unusual for Call Of Duty, and the first time anyone’s been able to play the game publicly. (It’s also only on PlayStation 4, at least at first).
A first I didn’t really like it as matches can be over really quickly, to the point where you have no idea what’s going. But a bit of practise and a learning not to rush in so much like you would in a normal Call Of Duty match I’ve really started to like it. The instant deaths seem unfair until you realise you’ve got to play a lot more tactically than normal, which is also not really a Call Of Duty thing.
What is though is the gunplay which is top notch. You kind of expect that I suppose at this point but it feels even better than usual and should help to hammer in a few extra nails into Battlefield’s coffin. I assume the combat is going to be the same in all the modes in which case I think this is going to be pretty massive.


First impression
Just played Gunfight in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Alpha (it launched a day early or something) and… I hate it. Admittedly I’ve only played it once but dying so quickly doesn’t feel like Call Of Duty, and not in a good way. I don’t know if it’s trying to copy Counter-Strike or something but it doesn’t feel like Call Of Duty to me at all.
There’s no flow to the action, just very quick bursts and then round is over. The guns feel a bit floaty to me too, which does not bode well for the game. I’ll give it another go tomorrow, but this seems like a pretty weird way to start the game’s first playable demo. Not a good first impression as far as I’m concerned.


Exclusive exposure
People debate about whether exclusives are a good thing or not but I think with Death Stranding it’s definitely good. I’m not a Hideo Kojima super fan or anything but the fact that Sony are publishing it and it’s a major PlayStation 4 exclusive is going to make it massively more high profile than even the Metal Gear games.
Whether it ends up being any good or not I don’t know but it’s weird and different and that in itself is a positive to me and the exact reason most people would normally ignore it.
It does make me wish that Sony had an equivalent of Game Pass though, because then even more people would play it. I’m sure they will have one for the next gen though and assuming the PlayStation 5 is backwards compatible that should mean Death Stranding is on it.

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Playing a different game
So here’s a weird fact that I had to double-check, just because it seems so unlikely, but Microsoft has published more games on the Switch than EA. I’d say it’s true that Microsoft has made more effort on the Switch though, with Minecraft, Cuphead, Ori And The Blind Forest and the deal for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. For the majority of other publishers all you get is lazy ports and shovelware. And yet still this is probably Nintendo’s best generation for third party support since the N64.
Anyway, my point was kind of a counter to the person saying that Microsoft were still being outmanoeuvred by Sony. That may be true in certain areas (I can see how buying Insomniac would’ve made sense strategically if nothing else) but I really do think they have the potential to swoop in and dominate with their combo of streaming and Games Pass.
Getting on with Nintendo might end up with them on Switch as well but main thing it does is show how they’re now primarily about publishing games and getting them into people’s hands, not selling a block of plastic. Personally, that’s the side of gaming I’m much more interested in too… you know, the actual games.
GC: We make it four games for EA, plus the FIFA 20 Legacy Edition.


Late bloomer
All the Yakuza games on PlayStation 4 games, with what sounds like pretty good upgrades and all the missing content? I never would’ve believed that level of service a few years ago. Seems like Yakuza 0 really did the business in terms of making the series properly successful in the West and I couldn’t be happier.
It seems unusual to have such a late success but I think Fire Emblem is mean to be the same way, although I’ve never played one. Seems to be that as long as you find the right game and the right marketing it’s actually possible to make almost any Japanese game a hit over here.
So different to the days when basically no Japanese role-playing games were released in the UK and Final Fantasy VII was the first one a lot of people had ever even played!


Pretty fine
Since there’s not much out at the moment I took a chance on Rad and have really been enjoying it so far. I don’t usually like roguelikes if you loose absolutely everything when you die but the difficulty on this one is lower than usual and I was surprised how far I got on even my first go.
The graphics aren’t very good, which may put people off, but the mutations you get really do make a difference with the weird crab legs or turning into a centaur. I haven’t liked a lot of Double Fine’s stuff other than Psychonauts but I’m glad they’re still going and are doing well enough to get bought by Microsoft. Although that does create a problem for me once they stop being multiformat…


Uncharted three
For anyone keeping count director Dan Trachtenberg is no longer doing the Uncharted movie, which will mean it’s now on its third director if and when it finds another one. Tom Holland is still attached for some reason, but by the time the film gets made he may actually have grown into the role.
I’m always fascinated by these terrible ideas for video game movies and that Doom Annihilation one is a doozy. I just don’t understand who they think cares? If there’s a single gamer in the world who’s thought, ‘I liked the game so I’m bound to like the movie’ I will be very surprised.
PS: In looking up who Dan Trachtenberg is I found out he did the pilot of The Boys, which I very much recommend.

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Relax mode
RE: Hexy. I have a games room and I’d heartily recommend it if your missus gives you the nod. I’ve got a big OLED TV in it for daytime playing (very rare I get the chance), a 42″ ancient rear protection TV for my old consoles, and a projector for night time gaming – all connected up to surround sound. Gives the more cinematic games a real edge, and projectors now are stupidly small and cheap so every home should have one if they have space for the screen.
There’s nothing else in it other than a massive squidgy chair and all my consoles, games, Technics 1210s from my DJ younger years, and gaming tat so if I’m in that room, my head is in full-on relax mode and nobody bothers me. It’s soundproofed too, so I don’t bother anyone either, especially when I get the vinyl out and the decks on.
It also leaves the rest of my home to be relatively normal and tidy which pleases the other half, with no gaming clutter lying around for guests to make judgement on (a 40-year-old man with Spyro statues often gets funny looks) – although there is an Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in the lounge, they’re out of sight and used purely for digital games and Blu-rays/UHD. My girlfriend goes in there sometimes to play Tomb Raider, watch a girlie romcom, or the soppy dog films she likes so that’s probably why I was allowed to commandeer it. That and she bagsied the garage before we even moved in for her business supplies or I’d have taken over that most likely.
If I had the money I’d do a Colin Furze and build an underground bunker and have a real man cave with a jukebox, bar, drum kit, pool table, gym equipment, etc., but sadly Sky won’t be paying me to build one like they did him. One day maybe.
Good luck persuading Mrs Hexy to allow you to take it over, I’m sure you’ll love it if she does.


Inbox also-rans
If you didn’t get For Honor recently with Epic Games Store, or when it was free with Games with Gold, you can now get it free on UPlay Store until 28 August.
Andrew J.
Anyone else excited about the release of Wreckfest at the end of the month?
GC: It has been mentioned a few times in the Inbox, so the answer must be yes.


This week’s Hot Topic
With Gamescom taking place at the beginning of this week the subject for this weekend’s Inbox seems obvious: what future game are you most looking forward to at the moment?
It doesn’t have to be at Gamescom, but what game are you currently anticipating the most? As long as it’s been officially announced you can nominate any title, no matter when it’s due out, but we want to know why you’re excited about it and what first got you interested.
How much attention do you generally pay to previews and early trailers and at what point in a game’s lifecycle do you usually start to get interested? Have you already pre-ordered any games and if so how are you feeling about them now?
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