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Apex Legends Season 2 trailer leak shows map changes and teases new legend Crypto

Apex Legends – Wattson is not the only new character being planned
Official trailers for Apex Legends’ Season 2 have appeared online and they hint about both changes to the map and another new character.
Apex Legends Season 2 trailer leak shows map changes and teases new legend Crypto
Apex Legends started off as one of the great success stories of the year, but while it’s still very popular that initial excitement quickly wore off – which many blamed on its lacklustre Season 1 content.
The game was never designed to be updated as frequently as Fortnite , so its offerings paled next to Epic Games’ efforts, but there’s a big push behind the upcoming Season 2 and two trailers for it have just leaked via Reddit .
They show two major focuses for the new season: some pretty significant changes to the Kings Canyon map and teases for a new hacker-themed character after new legend Wattson.
Both season 2 trailers in FULL HD Quality! from apexlegends

There are already hints at Crypto’s eventual inclusion in the game right now, with players having found what seems to be his laptop in the current version of the map.
When exactly he’ll be added though is unclear, and it’s the changes to the map that look like being the focus at first.
They revolve around someone – thought to be Crypto – disabling the force field towers that stop the giant Leviathan creatures from entering the game map.
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This has already happened before, for a brief time, before everything was put back, but it seems an even larger creature will now end up destroying parts of the map and flooding a number of areas.
The story arc of the season will allegedly involve new character Wattson fixing everything back up, presumably leading up to the official introduction of Crypto.
Some of that is fan speculation but it all seems to match up with the trailers, which are due to be officially released at 6pm today.
This leaked artwork is allegedly what Crypto looks like
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Read the full Article: Apex Legends Season 2 trailer leak shows map changes and teases new legend Crypto

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