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Evil Genius 2 reveal trailer lets you be a James Bond baddie

The classic PC strategy game is finally getting a sequel, in which you get to build the secret underground lair of your dreams.
Shenmue III will launch as Epic Games Store exclusive on PC – new trailer released
When compiling a list of unlikely video game sequels Evil Genius 2 has to go to be up there, not that it isn’t very welcome but because it seemed for years that the original game had been all but forgotten.
Originally released in 2004, Evil Genius was heavily influenced by Bullfrog classic Dungeon Keeper and cast you as a James Bond style bad guy building and maintain his own supervillain lair.
Nowadays the comparison would probably be with Despicable Me, but thankfully there are none of that sort of minion in this game, just the regular kind with the one-piece uniform.

Rebellion has the rights to the name now and their new game features multiple different bad guys and the promise of villainous plans including ransoming off the royal family and ‘baking’ Alaska.
The trailer’s all pre-rendered, so there’s no actual gameplay, but you get the gist in terms of being in charge of your base and filling it with traps to deter any spies that decide to pay a visit.
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You can also hire your own mercenaries and henchmen, which we hope and assume means someone with a steel-rimmed bowler hat and another with big metal teeth.
The sequel will be out on PC early next year and was announced at E3 alongside Rebellion’s new Zombie Army 4 game.
Evil Genius 2 – a supervillain’s home is his castle
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Read the full Article: Evil Genius 2 reveal trailer lets you be a James Bond baddie

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