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Sony’s eye-tracking glasses hint at new PlayStation VR headset

Glasses within glasses
A new patent for prescription glasses that can transmit data to a VR device has been discovered online and seems to hint at PSVR 2.
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Regardless of its sales, PlayStation VR has been a huge success for Sony this generation, with dozens of high-quality exclusive games that have gained the company a huge amount of experience with VR in general.
As such it seems impossible to imagine they wouldn’t be planning a more sophisticated version for PlayStation 5, but so far there’s been no evidence of that – except this very strange patent for prescription glasses.
The idea behind it is to make sure people who wear glasses can properly use VR headsets with eye gaze-tracking, something the current PlayStation VR does not have.
Talk about over-engineering a solution
Wearing an extra pair of lenses can make it difficult for a headset to properly tracking the direction of your gaze, so the solution offered by the patent is for the prescription glasses’ own sensors to do the work instead.
The special VR-friendly glasses would detect whether you are wearing a VR headset and then transmit your gaze data, while making sure the headset’s internal camera knows the exact physical position of your glasses.
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It all sounds absurdly overcomplicated, not to mention extremely expensive if you’re expected to buy an extra pair of prescription glasses (with built-in infrared LEDs and wireless connectivity) just to use VR.
We can’t see it ever becoming an actual product but the important thing here is that it’s proof Sony are researching a next gen VR headset and that certainly is something to get excited about.

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