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Games Inbox: Far Cry: New Dawn predictions, Apex Legends creation, and Shenmue III sales

Far Cry: New Dawn – will it be as big as the last one?
The morning Inbox wonders if free-to-play titles are the new future for all games, as one reader praises current gen console reliability.
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Not in a rush
So now we’re getting into what is basically a mini-Christmas rush (except with actual snow this time) I’m not actually sensing that much hype for Far Cry: New Dawn. Everyone seems to think it will be the biggest game of the first half of the year but I’m not so sold. I did enjoy Far Cry 5 but I wouldn’t say it was any kind of classic and the idea of playing on the same basic map doesn’t appeal necessarily.
It did have a very good trailer though and that got me pretty excited, so as long as the reviews are good I will be considering it. Although my bet is on Metro Exodus being the number one pick so far.
I don’t know if they set up the ending on purpose to be a sequel hook but I have to admit the idea is pretty good, so it doesn’t feel too contrived. Although I don’t how they’re going to make the bad guy sympathetic, as they seemed to be hinting at. I guess that means I’m interested to find out though, so roll on the reviews!


Throw out the rule book
So it looks 2019 is off to a really good start in terms of new games. I know a lot of focus has been in the crammed released dates but Resident Evil 2, Ace Combat 7, and Apex Legends are quite the way to start of a year, considering we’re not even halfway through February. And while it doesn’t appeal to me Kingdom Hearts III seems to be popular with many and is probably the biggest paid-for game so far.
And just by the law of averages we should have at least two or three top notch games still to come. Admittedly we don’t really know much about what’s out later in the year but I think this could be another classic, possibly even a rival to 2017.
Especially given 2018 was a mild disappointment it makes me question even more why the next gen is gearing up for, presumably, next year. I just don’t see the need for it. The games are top class, none of them have technical problems that call out for new hardware, and there’s no important new tech for them to take advantage of. I now it’s all go to do with profits and whatever but I would be very happy to go on as we are till at least 2022. That’s how it worked last gen and I think it should be getting longer each time, not defaulting back to the use 5-ish years rule.


Saving money
I’ve just been looking at the release schedule for the next month or two and I’ll be in quite good shape. I have no interest in another Far Cry game. I haven’t enjoyed them since the awesome Far Cry 3. Same with the new Metro game, I found the last one to be hard work and I’m not interested in this new one at all.
There are actually only two games that I’m going to be buying for the foreseeable future, first is Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Unless the reviews stink, which I doubt they will, it’s a must buy for me. The second game I’m definitely buying is Yoshi’s Crafted Yarn, if it’s as good as Woolly World was on Wii U then I’ll be very happy.
I’m pleased that relatively speaking I’m not going to have to spend that much money over the next month or two or choose one or two games out of a handful being released very close to each other.
PS: Given how much time has passed since the first one was released, does GC think Shenmue III is going to do well? I loved the first game on Dreamcast but never played the second one and I seriously doubt I’ll be buying this third game either.
GC: That’s hard to say, but certainly the HD collection didn’t make much of an impression on the chart.

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Reason to change
As this generation of consoles trundles slowly to its conclusion (well Sony and Microsoft anyway) one thing I think has been excellent this gen is the build quality of the actual consoles themselves. Last gen both Sony’s and Microsoft’s consoles were of dubious build quality to say the least. I personally went through six Xbox 360 consoles during its lifetime and also three PlayStation 3′.
Before anyone assumes that I was somehow responsible for having so many breakdowns I can assure everyone that I look after my consoles. This gen I bought a PlayStation 4 about eight months after launch and I still have it just now. My brother has an original Xbox One (I never bothered with Xbox this gen as compared to the Xbox 360 the Xbox One has a shockingly bad exclusive line-up, as I do not play those games as a service things or racers) which is still going strong.
Why was last gen so bad for breaking down? Was the tech so advanced at the time? Well, whatever it was I hope next gen is as reliable as the current one.
GC: Even with the red ring of death issue that is a lot, so some of that is down to bad luck. That said, the problems both consoles had would’ve convinced the companies that it was worth investing in more reliable hardware. It’s estimated the red light of death debacle cost Microsoft over $1 billion.


Immature driver
There was only one game I was hyped for on its release and it’s become the biggest disappointment for me: Forza Horizon 4.
I spent hours and hours on Forza Horizon 3, always found something new but Forza Horizon 4 seems empty in comparison. I’m not a big fan of multiplayer gaming and found very quickly that I’d finished all the single-player events. The first expansion pack just seems to be there to allow players to get the credits needed to buy Bamburgh or Edinburgh Castle.
The seasons idea gets very boring, very quickly and I stopped playing winter season after the first experience. The wheelspins have been ruined with pointless clothes, emotes, and horns.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a terrible game. The mechanics are great and the graphics are some of the best in the racing game genre, but it’s too childish, too much like Fortnite does racing games.


Good dog
Huge congratulations to praydog for his excellent modification of the Resident Evil 2 remake, that allows the first person view. I’m surprised Capcom didn’t add something like this, however I am hopeful this will now allow Capcom to consider adding this into the game officially.
You have to admit praydog’s mod is quite impressive and he deserves praise for this. This is an example of some of the talents the modding community has and how in some cases modding can be used to improve a game and its features.
gaz be rotten (gamertag)


Easy money
What I wonder about with Apex Legends is whether Respawn were immediately put to work on that as soon as Fortnite became a hit, i.e. somewhere around November 2017 or early 2018? Or is this another case of a battle royale game being knocked up in just a few months?
Not to knock anything about Apex but it really does seem as if battle royale games are the easiest genre ever to make, so why is it that DICE – the developer most experienced with large maps and high player numbers is going to be last to the party? As with Star Wars I don’t blame them, I blame EA. They seem to be run but absolutely donkeys, and if I was an investor I’d want answers.

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Uncertain is the future
What with the poor sales last year with the so-called AAA titles it does make you think now, GC, that each and every yearly title, including the likes of FIFA, is now going to have to step up their game instead of churning out sequel after sequel each and every year. I mean, surely now developers just realise the way forward is to innovate and make something new and better?
I did mention this only last year, whether Fortnite is eating into the profits of the new games, due to seeing my two teenage sons for the first time not want the latest FIFA or Call Of Duty or Battlefield. They just wanted the money spent on Fortnite! What with Apex Legends coming out and enticing what is it now 10 million people in just 72 hours online… I’m not saying for once this is going to be the future of gaming, where all companies are going to start releasing their brand new title for free, what I am saying is how on Earth can anyone release any kind of game these days in today’s market for £50 or so when you’ve basically got over 200 million players living and dying on Fortnite?
I personally think it’s a big wake up call for the likes of EA in the future. Maybe the likes of Rockstar, Nintendo, and Capcom can still charge full price for a game due to their quality and development. Maybe in the near future new games will just come down in price, I mean just look at all the Black Friday deals of all the new releases last year, did anyone really pay full price?
To compete now in today’s gaming marketplace, and sell in big volumes, I would say either make a cracking original game or at least make really innovative sequels or just drop the price down from the start of the first day of release.
GC: But Resident Evil 2 and Kingdom Hearts III – the year’s biggest games so far – are none of those things. Also, none of the big games you’re alluding to necessarily had poor sales, they just appeared (we can’t be sure because of the lack of figures) to sell less than last time.


Inbox also-rans
Having now played through Leon and Claire’s campaigns, and halfway through the 2nd run of Leon’s, just wanted to say how impressive Resident Evil 2 is, brilliant stuff. What a start to the year! Well done Capcom!
So does Devil May Cry count as a Resident Evil spin-off as well? Amazing to think how many games were born from that series. No wonder Capcom has never let it die for long.
GC: Not a spin-off exactly, but it is one of a number of games, like Onimusha and Dino Crisis, that originally used the same tech and some core ideas, like fixed camera angles.


This week’s Hot Topic
Since It’s Valentine’s Day this week the subject for the weekend Inbox is what video game have you most enjoyed playing with your partner?
It can be any game from any time, and likewise any partner – whether you’re still with them or not – but which game have you enjoyed playing with them in co-op or multiplayer, or where one of you just watched the other playing?
Is that something you do a lot and how enthusiastic is your partner about video games? If they’re generally not interested what unexpected games have piqued their interest and are there any that they like but you don’t?
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