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Is Fortnite shutting down soon or are the rumours about the game false?

(Epic Games)
Fortnite season 5 is starting to come to an end but some fans have been worried that the game may be finishing completely.
Season 6 is set to launch next week but rumours have been circulating that the game will be closing down later this month.
The suspicion started after an image of the Official Twitter account showed it claiming that it would be shutting down on September 26.
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The hoax was shared on social media and a few news websites, but if you look at the actual Twitter account you can see that the tweet was never actually made.
It was a fake tweet that someone put together and started to spread across the internet and worrying many Fortnite fans.
This means that the game is safe and it won’t be going anywhere any time soon.
It’s not the first time that the rumours of Fortnite ending have circulated around social media.
Previous reasons for closing down have included the copyright claims that were made by PUBG earlier this year.
(Epic Games)
When does Fortnite season 5 end?
Fortnite season 5 is currently set to end on Tuesday 25 September.
Players can track how long is left by going to the Battle Pass tab when logged into the game, above the list of unlockable items there is a countdown that shows the time until season 5 ends.
When does Fortnite season 6 start?
The new season of Fortnite is likely to start shortly after season 5 ends, usually the following day.
This means that players can expect to see the Fortnite get its next big update on Wednesday 26 September, although this could vary if season 5 gets extended by a day or two.
Season 6 is set to include a brand new Battle Pass with plenty of new cosmetic items for players to unlock.
Map changes and new items are also a big possibility for the launch of season 6, but upcoming themes and gameplay changes aren’t yet known but Epic Games is likely to drop hints over the next couple of weeks.
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