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As the World Cup brings joy to fans, it brings misery to online gamblers | Kevin McKenna

Behind the greatest sporting show on Earth is a trail of greed and exploitation After a while, you find yourself getting accustomed to the absurd chauvinism of English commentators at World Cups . The BBC and ITV seem to vie with each other every four years to provide the most asinine and uninformed coverage of this global extravaganza. There are 32 nations competing at Russia 2018, many with curious and uplifting stories to tell about their paths to the final stages of this tournament. Each of them brings travelling circuses of their supporters, who convey the impression that they are delighted simply to be competing here. Over the course of more than four weeks, they provide a rich source of stories and anecdotes. They have overcome social challenges and survived wars and bring with them their traditions and folk tales. But you won’t find any of their stories on the BBC or ITV, which specialise in bringing us a Brexit view of the World Cup. Our national broadcasters have spent tens of millions of pounds to bring this massive event to our television screens, much of it being trousered by an assortment of semi-literate and ill-informed former pros who simply want to talk about the darts competition at the England training camp . No matter how dramatic and skilful any of these games have been, the half-time analysis must always include a lengthy and meaningless update from England’s training camp. As each World Cup gets bigger and increasingly more colourful and vibrant, BBC and ITV are impervious to it. They manage to achieve something that must take a lot of effort: to ensure that they contribute little to our broader understanding of this global, cultural event. Continue reading...

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