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Apex Legends fans review bomb game and complain of EA’s ‘insane greed’ over battle pass changes

Apex Legends fans review bomb game and complain of EA’s ‘insane greed’ over battle pass changes
Apex Legends fans are fighting back against ‘insane greed’. (Electronic Arts)

Apex Legends fans are review bombing the game and threatening to leave after EA announced they will now have to buy battle passes with real money.

Earlier this week Apex Legends publisher EA announced that it is ‘evolving’ its battle pass in the free-to-play shooter, which means that you can’t buy it with in-game currency (AC) anymore, forcing fans to purchase it with real money instead.

Not only that but seasons are being split in two, doubling the number of battle passes, which is going to cost a lot of money when the new system starts with Season 22 on August 6.

Many fans aren’t onboard with this and they have now started to review bomb Apex Legends on Steam , with some players threatening to abandon the game altogether.

Apex Legends has enjoyed favourable acclaim on Steam since it came out in 2020 and its all-time review score is labelled ‘Mostly Positive’, when adding all 844,000 reviews together.

After the news that fans will have to spend real money for the same perks in the upcoming battle pass, 13,000 new reviews have seen it drop to ‘Mixed’.

Many of these are complaining about the new battle pass, with one fan calling it ‘insane greed’.

‘That new battle pass system is absolutely rubbish. A whole new level of greediness,’ says Citron on Steam .

‘Player base declining, cheaters running wild and Respawn and EA have the audacity to change the battle pass system for season 22, to not be purchasable with coins.

‘Stop this insane greed and fix the core issues facing the game and its players,’ says Chalaack .

The backlash is also in full bloom on social media, with fans showing their displeasure by commenting on Apex Legends’ Twitter post about the update.

I have bought every battlepass since the release of the game, this might be the first time I don’t buy it… — Synergy Gzl (@FuckGizzles) July 8, 2024

Money grabbing at its finest. It gets worse and worse every season 😪 and then you wonder why people are leaving this game 😒 BTW, I’ve been playing this game since day 1 disappointed is an understatement — Honey (@0xHoneyDippedx0) July 8, 2024

‘Cheaters, increasingly greedy monetisation, it’s all just going down the drain. It’s a great game at its core, but its problems can’t be ignored anymore,’ Leka pleads .

‘Now with the new battle pass system, I’m deleting the game, as well as most players, bye!’ says KE VE .

Although there is a free battle pass available with the upcoming update, the rewards are nowhere near as good as fans are used to, by paying for the full battle pass with AC.

Fans used to be able to pay for each battle pass by just playing the game, and accumulating AC, but if they want the same rewards starting with season 22, they’ll have to pay £8.99, or £17.99 for the Premium+ battle pass.

Apex Legends might be free to play, and a battle pass isn’t essential to play the game, but monetisation is always unpopular – especially when it takes away perks fans have become used to.

Overall and recent Steam review charts for Apex Legends (Steam)

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