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UKGC to Face Northern & Shell in Court in October 2025

Northern & Shell is set to face the UK Gambling Commission in court in October next year, according to a new update. The former company stands as the last challenger of the UKGC’s decision to select Allwyn as the new National Lottery operator.

The British regulator’s decision was challenged by a variety of opponents, including Camelot, the former license holder. While most companies eventually gave up on pursuing a lawsuit, Northern & Shell did not and is planning to take the UKGC to court.

Northern & Shell alleged that the UK gambling regulator mishandled the licensing process. According to earlier reports, the plaintiff is seeking $25.5 million in damages.

Northern & Shell and the UKGC met in court last week. It was decided that the former company’s qualms would be addressed in one proceeding in October 2025.

While the UKGC tried to appeal for a split trial, its appeal was denied. According to the authorities, splitting the trial into separate phases would have “limited the scope of evidence.”

For context, The National Lottery had been operated by Camelot since 1994. However, the licensee lost the license race in 2022, sparking concerns about its future. As a result, Camelot tried to have the UKGC change its mind but eventually buried the tomahawk and dropped its claims.

Allwyn, on the other hand, opted to eventually acquire Camelot in a deal that allowed it to assume control of the British National Lottery earlier.

Under the latest license, Allwyn will be able to operate The National Lottery for the next 10 years.

Allwyn’s Parent Cut Its Ties with Russia

One of the biggest arguments against selecting Allwyn as the next license holder was the company’s alleged ties with Russia. As the latter country’s invasion of Ukraine continued, UK authorities were concerned about the implications of such a relationship.

However, Allwyn’s parent company, KKGC, just cut its ties with Russia . In a recent statement, the Czech investment fund announced that its MND subsidiary, which owns Moravia Gas Storage, has decided to purchase its remaining stake from Gazprom. MND originally operated Moravia Gas Storage as a joint venture with Gazprom.

As a result, MND has full control of MGS. Gazprom, on the other hand, no longer has a stake in the company. always shares this Contents with License.

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