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Nintendo Direct rumours include Star Fox and Xenoblade Chronicles

Nintendo Direct rumours include Star Fox and Xenoblade Chronicles
Who would want Star Fox Assault remastered? (Nintendo)

With still no clue as to when this month’s Nintendo Direct will be, leakers are struggling to agree on what games might appear during it.

Monday night is the Ubisoft Forward showcase and then that’s it in terms of this year’s summer preview events… except for Nintendo.

While things like Summer Game Fest and the Xbox Games Showcase were announced months in advance, the PlayStation State of Play only had a few days warning and while Nintendo has confirmed they’ll have a Nintendo Direct this month they’ve never said when.

That’s led to lots of speculation as to when it might be, with no real consensus and certainly no proof. Tuesday, June 11 has been a popular suggestion, as well as the following Tuesday on June 18, but the most convincing leaker so far is the usually trustworthy Pyoro, who says he doesn’t know.

There is normally always a Nintendo Direct in June, around what used to be E3 time, but this year is peculiar in that the Switch 2 hasn’t been announced yet (and Nintendo has said it won’t be this month) and so it’s not clear they’ve actually got all that much to talk about.

All Nintendo rumours are inherently less reliable than for over companies, so the fact that the leaks so far have all been from relatively unreliable sources, with none of them seeming to agree on anything, it’s hard to have much confidence in any of them.

Spanish source YoleocomicsDC and Games , which appeared to know about the Metal Gear Solid Delta trailer at the Xbox Games Showcase ahead of time, claims that a Switch version of Xenoblade Chronicles X will be announced during the Direct, which is believable but also something you could just guess at.

At the same time, there’s rumblings of something happening with Star Fox, with regular Nintendo leaker Zippo claiming that there’s going to be a remake of GameCube game Star Fox Assault.

The obvious question there is why, given it’s not very good, but when asked about the rumour fellow leaker Liam Robertson stated, ‘There is something happening with Star Fox but I have never heard about that specifically.’

Unfortunately, neither leaker is very reliable and those that are, are sensibly trying not to get involved. Nate the Hate has also stated that he doesn’t know when the Direct is and debunking a fake leak that pretended to show him predicting a Switch version of 3DS game Kid Icarus: Uprising.

There might have been very few genuine surprises at the other showcases, thanks to leaks, but for better or worse nothing is known ahead of time about the Nintendo Direct and you’re probably better off just guessing what will be there yourself.

Xenoblade Chronicles X – it’s an easy guess but that doesn’t mean it’s true (Nintendo)

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