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ASA Removes Cheltenham Festival Ad Showing Popular OnlyFans Model

After looking into a complaint that was challenging a Cheltenham Festival ad on X that showcased an easily recognizable OnlyFans ( OF ) star , the Advertising Standards Authority ( ASA ) deemed the ad “irresponsible.”

ASA “Concerned” Over a Lack of Response

The authority decided to clamp down on the ad that was promoting betting offer aggregator Festival Free Bets and which featured a picture of Astrid Wett at Prescott Park , promoting the service.

Wett, who has a following of 180,000 on X, was under the age of 25 at the time of the ad. The complaint filed against the ad was challenging whether there had been a breach of the current gambling advertising rules that state that “no one who is, or seems to be, under the age of 25 should be featured gambling or playing a significant role in an ad for a gambling product.”

Since Festival Free failed to provide any explanations and assist the watchdog’s investigation, the latter expressed its concern regarding their “lack of response and apparent disregard for (the rules).”

The ASA decided that Wett’s image was the main point of focus of the respective ad published in March when the OF model was 23 years old . 

Even though Festival Free Bets does not carry a Business-to-Consumer operator license , the ASA ruled that consumers who used the product would reach a position where they would be interacting with gambling services.

The body further explained that, since the advertisement was intended for a service meant to “facilitate gambling and featured someone who was aged under 25 playing a significant role,” they concluded, “it was irresponsible.”

The OnlyFans Model, “Unaware” of the Age Restrictions 

The ASA stated they engaged with Wett during the investigation. The watchdog said the OF star was not aware of the respective age restrictions for gambling advertisements and wrongfully assumed that simply being over the age of 18 would suffice. 

Wett also apologized for breaching the CAP Code and insisted she would fully comply with all relevant guidelines in the future. She also explained that she “took matters of social responsibility seriously and understood the gravity of promoting responsible behavior” with special emphasis on gambling.

The ASA ruled the ad should not be published again in the form which has led to the complaint filed against it. The watchdog ruled similarly against Betfred over improper ad placement last December .

In March , ASA concluded that BetMGM ’s TV advertisement that featured Chris Rock did not appeal to minors, as it was alleged through complaints that claimed the ad was violating the rules. always shares this Contents with License.

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