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Sony finally hints at PS5 PlayStation Showcase this month

Sony finally hints at PS5 PlayStation Showcase this month
Why won’t they just announce it? (Picture: Sony)

Although there’s still no confirmation of a summer showcase, Sony has said it’ll be unveiling more about its long term plans this month.

For months now, almost every leaker and insider worth their salt has been saying that Sony will host a not-E3 style preview event at the end of May . Considering that’s exactly what they did last year , that’s not hard to believe but the problem is Sony has never confirmed it.

Sony hasn’t exactly been very communicative about anything lately, even if it’s hoped that might change now that there are new CEOs in charge , but interim boss Hiroki Totoki has admitted that something is happening in May.

‘Later this month you will learn more about the long-term vision for Sony Group and the essential role SIE [Sony Interactive Entertainment] plays in that vision,’ he said in a short message to PlayStation employees, following the announcements of the new CEOs.

There seems to be little else this could mean other than a new showcase, but why didn’t he just say that? If it is happening at the end of this month then that’s just a couple of weeks away now, so what’s the point of secrecy – especially given Microsoft has already announced the date for its showcase?

Asking why Sony is being so secretive could cover just about anything they’ve done, or not done, in the last two years, but if it has been due to the exit of former boss Jim Ryan then that should stop being an excuse as soon as the new leaders take over on June 1.

There’s nothing else in the message to hint at future plans and given Sony has already said it has no major new first party games out this year, it’s unclear what they’ll show at the showcase anyway.

Rumours have suggested more minor announcements , such as a new Astro Bot game and remakes or remasters for Gravity Rush 2 and MediEvil 2.

You might have thought Ghost Of Tushima 2 was due an announcement too, but while it’s known to be in development there’s no clue as to when it will be unveiled.

There’s also little indication of whether live service titles Concord and Fairgame$ will be shown, despite Sony apparently being so keen to focus on such games.

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The only third party title that’s been rumoured for the event is Silent Hill 2 and while there’s been speculation that GTA 6’s second trailer will feature at one of this summer showcases there’s no evidence pointing towards that and no rumour suggesting it might be PlayStation in particular.

Considering last year’s event was hugely disappointing there’s no guarantee that this one won’t be as well, so with still no confirmation it’s all fans can do but hope for good news.

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